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Ex-expat Catch Up!

Hello there! Well, we have officially been in the United States for 42 days! I still can't believe it and I almost just keep expecting to pack up and return to Ely. When I force reality into my brain, I feel such a let down but I just remind myself of how lucky I am to have called Ely my home. We have been surviving 'gypsy' life for some time now here in Atlanta, packing up all of our junk and moving from place to place. We are a sight to see when arriving at a new hotel haha!! But alas, we are now finally in our last 'home' for our time in Atlanta. And we are actually staying in our first American AirBnb! It's extremely nice, much larger than any AirBnb we encountered in Europe, and will be a comfortable last spot in Atlanta before moving down to the beach at the end of October! I honestly can't wait to get to the beach. Sun, sand, family and PUPPIES!! Sunshine/puppy emoji! :)

So...how are we coping?

Missing 'home'
Van and I have often found ourselves in conversations about how much we miss England. And Europe in general. The way of life that we were so privileged to experience for two years was something that we grew quite comfortable with. And right now, I would give anything to hop in the car and drive through the British countryside. While the North Georgia mountains are pretty, nothing compares to passing by the hedge lined farmland and quaint villages in the United Kingdom. Or even to just be able to walk into town and grab a coffee and peruse the daily market. I walked a mile to Publix today and people probably thought I was crazy....or homeless! It's just been a total change in daily life and is taking some getting used to for sure.

So, truth be told, while I am so excited about the next couple of years around family....I'm homesick for England. Like the heartbroken kind of homesick. Anywho.

While we have had said "missing home" talks, our conversations usually turn to what's next travel wise for us. While I would be up for jumping on a long haul flight every month to go back to Europe, Van brings me back to reality. We will have, at most, 2 weeks to spend travelling next year...well plus long weekends and such. But as far as flying somewhere more than 4 hours away by plane, it's going to be tricky. But let me back up.

While we will be in Florida for some time, there will always be opportunities popping up for us to once again be expats. And while I hope this opportunity comes sooner than later, I have to remind myself to let life flow as it should and to not get in a hurry to plan it all.

Ok, so back to travel. We have tossed around ideas of a major trip to Thailand, or maybe even a week on the Adriatic in Eastern Europe. But we've somewhat decided to try and stay in this hemisphere for now. Since there is always hope for another opportunity to live abroad, we think that travelling 'locally' may be our best option. While the thought of not touching the ground in England or Europe for two years makes my heart want to break in two, I also know that visiting for one week will not completely fulfill my need! So while this is just a thought at the moment, I've learned to keep my mouth shut and let life happen!

Living in America is surely different and I almost feel like it moved and grew too fast while we were gone. Every body is busy. Traffic is horrendous. All there is to do is shop and eat. Ok, that last statement is a little dramatic but sometimes that is how it feels. But, we have found a few little cozy restaurants and wine bars that are growing on us and we do try and get outside quite often. We actually attended the Atlanta Boxer Rescue "Boxerstock" yesterday. And even though it wasn't British crowds at the market, at least we were around all of the cool people....you know, the boxer owners :)

Eating in America is a whole other topic that I will get too soon enough...

We are slowly surrendering to American life however we both are incredibly thankful for our new, more Euro outlook on life. I think that living at the beach will be a much better place for us to readjust than busy Atlanta. And I can't wait to get there.

So, in a nutshell, that's about where I am at with this whole repatriation thing. Slowly settling but with a new perspective.

Hope you are having a fantastic Monday!

Jamie xx

One Last Jaunt in Cambridge

I was completely blessed with close friends in Ely. After joining the Ely Ladies Meetup group in April of 2014, I met my crew and will have lasting relationships with these special girls. And as it was time for me to move, we decided to spend a day just hanging out in Cambridge. While most of it centered around eating and drinking, we also made it over to the River to have a go a punting! When in Cambridge.....:)

Sunday Chat | III Americanization

I'm sat down, coffee in hand and I am going to post now. I have totally put my little webspace on the back burner these last few weeks and there is much to talk about! I guess it has to do with me being in a little bit of denial that we no longer live in England. I now am forced to say 'when I lived in England'. Ugh. Heartbreak. So here I am, ready at my laptop, ready to knock out an update post. It's a lengthy one so bear with me!


Foodie Guest Post: Feast with Sophie!

So hello there! We are safely back in the US and slowly adapting to American life (and jet lag)! We had a horrendous travel day back to the States but will have to explain that another day because today, I have an absolutely gorgeous guest post to share with you! I have followed Sophie's travel blog ever since I found out we were moving to England and now that she has ventured into food blogging and I am obsessed. Seriously. Please go take a gander at her Instagram and the drooling will begin! But anyway, I'll let her explain a little more....

Hello everyone! My name is Sophie and I am a Canadian expat living in the Netherlands. I'm a newbie food blogger over on FeastwithSophie.com, where I post vegetarian recipes like the one I'm sharing today! You can also find me on Instagram, Pinterest, and Snapchat (username feastwithsophie).

I can be a huge glutton and can do real damage if left with a pizza or anything in a butter sauce. But! I also absolutely love fresh produce. And I think those two facets of myself are reflected in my recipes. I aim to make delicious food that highlights all of the goodness that nature has to offer us - but, also, butter. This lentil salad with beetroot, nectarine, and goat's cheese is a pretty typical representation of the recipes I love to play with in my kitchen.

But before I get on with the food: thank you Jamie for having me on The Healthy Passport!