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Beer Spa | Prague

Today I will leave you with a final, short and sweet Prague post. About a fun little thing we did in Prague.

The Beer Spa

I booked this last minute as something fun for Van and I. Van is not a 'spa' person but I am. So what better way for us both to enjoy it than a beer spa? No, you don't soak in a tub a beer but it's close to it! Set in a old underground cellar, there is a whirlpool tub that looks like a barrel with the jets flowing. The spa attendant pours in actual beer ingredients, including hops and barley and then you hop right in in your birthday suit (which is why this post is pictures haha!)! But that's not all...add a beer tap to the side and your set, with all you can drink pints while you relax in the tub for 30 minutes. A detox while you retox type of thing!

After the tub soaking, which really did make my skin feel amazing, we were ushered into a room with a bed and heated blankets. We were wrapped up nice and tight and given a bell to ring if we needed more beer. With gentle music playing and a light display on the cellar ceiling, it was easy to drift off into a peaceful nap!

A perfect ending to a perfect stay in Prague!!

If you think you might want to give this a go, here are the details:

Týn 10 (courtyard Ungelt)
110 00 Prague 1
Telephone reservations: +420 777 00 18 18
Telephone reception: +420 221 771 048

Beer Spa Bernard Prague Business hours
Monday - Sunday    11:30 - 22:00 hours

Multiple Packages- Check the website for details!

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