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Beach Bum Life

Ahh Florida. I really don't have much to say in words because the pictures do all of the talkin' for me.

A Little Fraud and a Little Dublin

So I was not planning on posting today for Travel Tuesday, as I am in what I like to call 'perfectionist-procrastinator-ADD-packing' hell right now but after a chat about Europe with the Fraud Department representative lady at Bank of America yesterday (hold on), I remembered that I still have so much to share from Ireland. First, was that not the longest sentence ever? And secondly, yes, in the midst of moving, our only card that we use to pay with British Pounds has been used for fraudulent purchases (United Airlines flights and a new cell from Sprint) and we must wait about 10-14 days for our new one to arrive. What.

Ok anyway, I'm not going to dwell, I'm going to move forward.

Dubrovnik | "Disneyland for Adults"

You can thank my husband for that little title blurb there! But seriously Dubrovnik, thank you for the perfect welcome to your beautiful country of Croatia!

Prepare yourself for many many stair photos. Well...many photos in general. I can't help myself. 

Scenes from Dublin

It's Ireland. So let's start and end this post with what else....a pint of Guinness!!

Paris | Montmartre & Sacre Couer

A Touristy Day in London

While my Mom was in town visiting, we headed to London to have a day full of being tourists. You may have seen some of our "Day of Selfies" on my Instagram account! We had a blast just wandering around the city and taking in the landmarks. One place that I am kicking myself for not snapping shots was at Borough Market. But wow, too many yummy sights and smells to be worried about a camera there! Nevertheless, here are some snaps from our day as tourists in London. 

Parliament | Westminster Abbey | St. Paul's Cathedral | Tower Bridge | The Shard | Tower of London

Neuschwantstein Castle | Germany

Well, I’ll be posting a little out of order over the next few weeks but for good reason….my momma is here!! And finding time to keep track of our recent travels is a bit scarce and I’m ok with that!!

On our recent trip to Germany, we were able to visit the world famous and gorgeous Neuschwanstein Castle. We visited on a crisp and clear day which was just what I was hoping for. Built by King Ludwig II in the foothills of the Bavarian Alps, it is definitely a sight to behold. Van was feeling a little under the weather (to say the least) on the day of our visit so we opted to take the horse carriage ride up the steep slope to the castle gates. 

We took the guided tour of the Castle and while brief, I’m glad we did. While we were unable to take photos within the castle walls, but let me tell you, the interior was beautiful. Filled with swans, lots of gold, and incredible intricate details it was one of the most ornate castles we have seen…..and we only saw a small piece of it. Unfortunately, King Ludwig died while the castle was still being finished and it has been left unfinished. But I think he would be happy that so many people flock to see his dream castle.

I wasn’t able to get the ‘money shot’ of the castle from the super sketchy suspension bridge, but I am very happy with our experience and that we had such a gorgeous white setting. 

Aren't the views just incredible? 

I feel so fortunate to have had such a beautiful day to view this beautiful castle! Fairytale? I think so...

Happy New Years + Year in Photos

Happy New Years!
2014 was a pretty incredible year here at Gunters Abroad...
12 Countries visited, countless memories made, eyes opened to the world...

Here's to 2015! Wishing you and yours a healthy and adventurous year!

Trastevere in Photos | Rome

Sometimes I write a post on this blog and I am super pleased with what I have released out into the world. And it usually has absolutely nothing to do with the writing as it all revolves around the photos (sometimes photos can do all of the talking...right??). Welp, this is one of those times. Trastevere showed up for me. And funny enough, I felt like I didn't get any good shots while I was there! Take a glimpse into the neighborhood that we stayed in while in Rome. Rick Steves said it was the 'crusty' side of Rome. 

I beg to differ.

Other than our trips to the Colosseum and the Vatican, we hung around our apartment in Trastevere. If you want to be away from the tourist crowds, stay here. While dining al fresco, all that can be heard up and down the street is the Italian language. It's where the real Italian people live. While you may feel like it's a little 'worn in' I found it to be absolutely charming. And the food choices were excellent! If you are visiting Rome, head on over across the Tiber to Trastevere, which literally means 'across the river'. And then go back again at night. 

Pure Roman magic.

Travel Tuesday