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Croatian Hospitality & Our Croatian Air BnB Experience

Something I didn't expect to experience in Croatia was the incredible hospitality shown to us from most every Croatian we met. Not knowing too much about the history of the country probably made this a little more enhanced for me but I was in total awe of just how genuinely friendly every one was. I also was pleasantly surprised by the excellent English spoken at the three areas we visited. I have to admit, I have become extremely language lazy. On trips to our last few countries I have not even glanced at common words and phrases. #travelfail.

Our Paris Apartment | A Fab Find

Paris was indeed an amazing city to visit, but I have to confess....I've saved my favorite Paris post for last (although Cedric's Tour runs a close second!). And what better way to close out Paris with our AirBnb jackpot that we found in Montmartre.

via AirBnb
I was completely overwhelmed when I began searching for accommodation in Paris. Where to stay? Hotel or apartment? But when I found this listing on AirBnb, the views did me in. I didn't care where it was....I needed this view! And the views did not disappoint! From our TWO balconies we could see just about all of the major landmarks in Paris. High up on the seventh floor, I felt I had made the perfect decision.

Edelweiss Lodge and Resort | A Mixed Review

While skiing/snowboarding at Garmisch-Partenkirchen we chose to stay at Edelweiss Lodge and Resort solely for the fact that we had friends staying there. Edelweiss Lodge and Resort is a US Military owned resort and is primarily for military members whether active duty, retired or reserve. Which makes this a tough review. And I'll get to that soon.

You may or may not know that Van is a prior military member. He served in the Air Force for 6 years and I still feel so much pride when I think of his service and I feel very blessed that I was able to call myself a military spouse. It was a great opportunity for Van and the military treated us very well. It's not for everybody and it definitely wasn't an easy 6 years, but it started Van's career on an amazing path.

Where we Stayed | K+K Central Prague

Are you tired of Prague yet? I promise....only a couple more and then it's on to the next destination!

What comes to mind when I think of K+K Hotel Central Prague?

Impeccable Service | Super Clean | Fab Decor | Amazing Value
They Thought of Everything!

Yes, this hotel was perfect. I seriously cannot fault it. As I contemplated if there was anything I could fault, I asked Van what he thought and he couldn't come up with any thing either! So excuse me while I gush about this hotel for a moment.

I found a deal through Tripadvisor for K+K Central Prague. Centrally located and breakfast included, I couldn't pass it up. Rated as a 4 Star hotel, and with excellent reviews on TA I figured this would be a good bet. My expectations were exceeded!

I emailed the hotel a few days prior to arrival to see if there was anyway I could book their airport taxi last minute and they said of course. They also promised to try their best to allow us to check in early on arrival day. And by early, I mean 10:00AM on a Friday. Upon arriving, they informed us that they had a room ready. I didn't even have to ask or explain that I had emailed was all taken care of. Not to mention, the taxi service was top quality. We were greeted at the airport, there was Wi-fi IN THE CAR ( I mean whaaat??) and bottled water in the back seats waiting for us. Truly impeccable service. While this was an additional cost, it was less than a normal taxi ride from the airport and no hassle whatsoever.

elevator selfie
Our room was an executive room, which was part of the TripAdvisor deal, and while basic it was very high quality furnishings and super clean. The very tall ceilings and large windows helped give the room a larger feel. And the bed....the most comfortable bed I have had yet in Europe. They obviously do not stick to the 'hard as a rock' European standard. The room and bathroom were so clean, I decided to have a bubble bath the first night (which I rarely do in a hotel because germs scare me) complete with wine from the mini-bar. Speaking of the mini-bar.....they had just about everything you needed. And if it wasn't in there, they had room service with some delicious looking and very low priced items.

my new fave
I really appreciated the small touches that really completed our stay which included; a tablet with great Prague travel information, free wifi, and delivery of a liter of still water and chocolates every afternoon, which was much appreciated after long days of walking and forgetting to pick up more water.

The Breakfast: Oh wow. This was way more than I expected. It was a feast every morning. Each morning there were eggs of course with cereals and yogurts with toppings. But everyday the cooked meats changed, there were different cooked veggies every morning and a massive variety of delicious pastries, amazing cheeses and even mimosas. We were happy every morning!

So how much did we pay for this over the top 4 star hotel? An average of 110 Euro a night!

I felt the value was incredible and this is why I have to share this little place with you if you are venturing to Prague! If we return, we would absolutely stay again!

K+K Central Prague

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Oh, and be on the lookout this weekend for some Instagram shots from our travels! Ciao!

Arundel | Where to Stay and Eat

After the Battle of Hastings, we drove an hour west to stay in the town of Arundel, since we were to visit the castle the next day. While driving in from the east, you come across the gorgeous view of the castle nestled in the fall colors. It's stunning and I wish I had a picture. I knew immediately that I would love this town. Arundel is the definition of quaint. I could not get enough of the buildings, bright colored doors and the interesting little shops along the high street.

After catching a glimpse of the town, I was thrilled that I had chosen a B&B to stay at rather than a hotel. We were able to experience life as a local. We stayed at Byass House B&B and were given a warm welcome by our host Sally. We later determined that staying at Byass House is like staying at your favorite Aunt's house. The one with the super interesting, clean and cozy house and who offers you wine glasses when she sees you with a bottle of wine. Sally was wonderful and so was our room. Spacious and with a lovely view over the garden. While our bathroom was not an en-suite, I never felt like it was a bother. And not to mention, the high street is just a short stroll away.

Breakfast was wonderful, wi-fi was great (we always have to have wi-fi on a Saturday night to watch Auburn), and the overall coziness left us feeling well taken care of. If you need a place to stay while visiting the area, stay here!!! Even if you have no reason to be in the area, come anyway. The town and restaurants are quaint and delicious!

Which leads me to the eat part. Two words: La Campania.

While I don't normally tend to choose Italian as my first choice (not that I don't like it, I LOVE Italian), we walked around town, spotting a few different restaurants and decided this would be the place. With no reservation on a Saturday night, we walked in around 6:35 and were told that they did have a table but we would need to be finished by 8:00. Not a problem we said. La Campania is fab. The interior is interesting and cozy (catching a theme here?) and the service was absolutely impeccable. We never had to ask for a thing. Also, they were really sweet to let us purchase another bottle of 'take-away' wine for a discounted price. Oh, and the food? Divine. I chose the Pasta of the Day and Van had the Lasagna....both extremely delicious.
Happy La Campania diners

Overall, Arundel was perfect. Go here. It is lovely.

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Hotel Review {Cori Rigas Suites, Santorini}

When researching a hotel in a new destination, I rely heavily on Tripadvisor mainly because I like to see real photos of the hotel. It can sometimes be a daunting task to find lodging in other countries! I like to know what I am getting myself into but when there is information overload on the internet, it can be hard to come to a final decision. Especially for an indecisive person like me! So I have to share with you this amazing find, Cori Rigas Suites in Santorini. I couldn't be happier with my decision!

While we were planning our Greece holiday, I was finding extremely high prices for lodging in Santorini. I mean, I'm talking $1000-$4000 a night places! I wanted to find a nice place to stay, with good views....but not for that price! I am not hugely picky, but I do value clean and comfortable lodging with some ambiance. I am a 4 star girl all the way! So when I found Cori Rigas Suites online, I was a little concerned being that it was a 3 star hotel (it has since been changed to a 4 star on TripAdvisor oddly enough). But I booked it as it was refundable in case I came across a better place for the same price.

I was concerned about where to stay in Santorini....Oia or Fira? I chose Fira since there was a lot to do, being the main part of the island. And leading up to our stay, I checked TripAdvisor everyday for new reviews on Cori Rigas and thankfully they kept getting better and better. Phrases like "everything you imagine a stay in Greece would be"..... I felt certain that we would be in good hands!

When we arrived, we were met by Bill at the top of the cliff (for lack of a better word). He grabbed our luggage from us and led us down the stairs to our hotel lobby which was the interior of the Art Cafe where our breakfast would be served everyday. The views were stunning. The staff was incredibly friendly and offered us a nice big glass of wine before explaining all of the sights and ways to get around the island. We knew we had chose well. The complex consists of only 12 suites. It was originally a sea Captain's house and has been restored as a hotel. Perfect.

We were then led to our suite. We chose the Senior Suite with breakfast included. The suite was HUGE. I couldn't believe it. Having just come from a tiny place in Mykonos it was so nice to be able to spread out! The downstairs, yes downstairs, had room for eating, watching TV and even a little kitchenette! The bedroom was upstairs in the loft, which was a bit warmer than downstairs but not worth complaining over. Oh, and our courtyard.....quintessentially Greek. Although we didn't have sea views from our room, I was perfectly happy to walk out onto the grapevine covered courtyard to get my day started! And speaking of getting my day started....Cori Rigas breakfast was pretty fantastic! Choice of eggs, we had veggie omelets, and an array of baked goods with cheese, honey and meats. Oh, and a fabulous view!

We shared a balcony with two other suites but we never saw the guests out there so we basically had it to ourselves every night to watch the sunsets. Had it been full, we could have just gone down to the Art Cafe  (which we did one night) or the pool. Speaking of pool.....they had a pretty sweet one. The pool area is very small, but so is the hotel so you are not sharing it with dozens of others. It was so delicious after a day on the hot, sticky beach!

Stairs leading down to pool area
View from the pool

Sunset from Shared Balcony:

Sunset from Art Cafe:

While this place was not cheap per se, it was incredibly reasonable for the view, location, service and overall experience. I was so pleased with this place I literally wanted to cry tears of happiness! Don't you love it when that happens!? Pure peace, comfort and beauty at Cori Rigas Suites! Stay here!!!

I love travelling and I love hotels. Especially amazing ones :)

Cori Rigas Suites
Prices from  150- 344 (high season),
 with a variety of rooms, some even with outdoor jacuzzis!
Breakfast included
Tips: Book the Hotel shuttle from Fira port, it is totally worth it!

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Intercontinental Mar Menor

After spending some time in Cartegena, we headed towards our hotel, which was a golf resort, located near Mar Menor. We chose to stay at the Intercontinental Mar Menor Resort and booked through a golf holiday website. When we pulled up to the gate (which was directly across from a huge field of orange trees) I knew I would love this place. We drove down a street full of bright Spanish villas and arrived and the hotel. I wanted to cry it was so beautiful.....and I eventually did but I saved Van the embarrassment and waited until we got to our room :)