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Catching the Sunset at Navarre Beach Pier

Navarre Beach is a very small beach in comparison to it's neighbor beaches such as Destin or Pensacola Beach. It literally only has about 5 or 6 high rise condos and if you have ever been to the Gulf Coast, you know that this can be very rare. I grew up in Mobile, AL and saw the tourist areas of the Gulf Coast grow dramatically. But Navarre has seemed to stay small somehow.

Beach Bum Life

Ahh Florida. I really don't have much to say in words because the pictures do all of the talkin' for me.

Lately | & A Walk Through Wretham Heath

Life lately in Gunterland

Upcoming Trip
With our impending move on the horizon, we have had to face reality. A move back to the States means we will be purchasing and paying for some major expenses. Like shipping the pups, purchasing two cars, and possibly buying a new house. I mean talk about anxiety! So I have had to drastically scale back our upcoming travels. Pout face.

One place that I knew I had to visit was Aushcwitz. I have been drawn to the history of the Holocaust and WWII since I first learned of it in school. So instead of a happy little weekend away, we are going to pay our respects to the victims and to see first hand what the most notorious concentration camp is like. Of course, Krakow will be a great experience but this trip is definitely different than our other happy little vacays.

But in a good note...y'all. The Euro and the Pound....seriously taking a dive! Which is amazing for us Dollar makers! When I booked our incredibly fabulous and low priced hotel a few months ago, the price was running about $110 a night. Now that the Euro is tanking, the hotel is only going to be costing about $88 a night! Talk about a win! So any tips for Krakow? Let me know!!

Have you ever taken a look at my fitness blog? It's not much, but is a place where I like to ramble on about my workouts, healthy recipes (some incredible smoothies lately) and maybe finally seeing some abs!! I have really been on a roll with my health and fitness. So much so that I signed up for a 10k in April! I am super excited and super nervous. I don't think I have ever run over 5 miles before. But I am finally to a point where 4 miles is fairly I just got to push a little further! I feel confident and I think this may be the start of a new love for running. To my runner girls.....what's your favorite running shoe?

Job Search
I'm starting to get serious about the job search. Even though we still don't have the 100% answer saying 'you are moving to ____' we are pretty confident that we can go ahead and start making plans in our new home city. I mean we literally were given the 100% your moving to England a MONTH before we left. But I promise I will write about our new home when we are 100%! Anyway, I have seen some amazing jobs posted that I am going to apply for. If I have to move back home early, so be it. If the right opportunity came along, I would just have to do it. Ugh the struggles. But hey, what a dilemma!

Needing to Spring Clean
With said move upon the horizon, I am desperately needing to get on the ball and get rid of some things in our house. It's amazing how many things we accumulate. Having only been given a 10x20 shipping container to move over to England, there were some purchases that had to be made upon arrival. And of course, due to voltage differences, some items were necessary to buy over here. Such as a new TV, fridge, dryer, living room furniture, etc, etc. There is no way it will all fit back in the container! So my question to my English readers....what site have you found most effective to sell your items on? 

Wretham Heath
So where is this little walk that I have taken you on with my pups? It's Wretham Heath in Suffolk. I picked up a cute little book at a charity shop called the 100 Best Walks of East England. I am trying to get Van to go with me on nature walks and I figured this book would help. So for our first walk we chose Wretham Heath because of it's WWII history and it was only about 45 minutes away.

It was about a 3 mile walk around a nature reserve that is drenched in history. Not only has an abundance of Mesolithic tools, and Roman pots been found, there is also an abandoned WWII airfield. At the back of the trail, we were able to see the remnants of the taxi areas of the runway. I'm sure Bruno and Willis had no idea what they were walking around but they sure had a great time. As did we. Plus, there were about 4 million bunnies running about and the pups little noses were in heaven!

This is what I love about England and what I will miss. Just a normal walk around some little lakes. But due to the history, your imagination can run wild. Just think of the WWII aircraft flying overhead back in the day, or the Romans marching through and setting up camp. Or even back to 7000BC, during the Mesolithic period. Pretty darn incredible.

Happy Monday and happy week!! 

USA Part 2 | The 'South' South

| Dec 27-Jan 2 Perdido Key, FL |

This crazy bunch had a pretty good time down on the coast. Football games, Flora-Bama and seafood...I sure felt like I was back home.

Van, my brother Daniel, his girlfriend Shanda and I all stayed in my little cousin Shelby's apartment for the week after Christmas and we got to catch up on some bonding time. I felt a little guilty for not travelling around and seeing other family members and friends but I knew this time with my family was much needed.

And with this view everyday....sigh.

I was a terrible photo capturer for our time down in Florida. I just enjoyed soaking in everybody through my own two eyes! I got to see my Grandmother, who drove all the way from Arkansas and I also got to see my sweet cousin Kelli! The time was too short but I'm thinking that we will all meet again sooner than later. 

And check out this sunset from one of my favorite Perdido Key restaurants....

Our days were spent outside when the weather wasn't yucky. And when it was yucky, we watched a lot of football at the tiki bar!

And you can't make a trip to the Gulf Coast without a visit to the Flora-Bama. We had our favorite Bushwhackers, and my sweet friend Bridget came by to say hello!

It was hard to say goodbye to family but I know I will be seeing them soon. Florida may be an option for us as a home base in the future and this trip back home made me realise that it might just be the best option. Who knows where the wind will blow us to this year?!

And as for coming back to England, it was so nice to go and pick up my puppies and get settled back into to our British life. However, the jetlag has been absolutely brutal. We messed up by not setting an alarm for our first morning and we slept until 5pm. Talk about confusion waking up and it's dark outside! So I think we may be back on track today but goodness, this has been the worst jetlag so far. 

But, the jetlag lazies are giving me some time to catch up on posts from Germany and Paris (which seems so long ago now) so stay tuned for those coming up! 

USA Part 1 | The 'North' South

| Dec 20-27, 2014/Georgia & Mississippi |

We are back from our trip home to the States and we had such an amazing time spent with family and friends! But on the flip side, we are having a super hard time with jet woke up at 5pm yesterday kinda bad. Ugh. But I have had a blast staying up and going through all of these wonderful moments spent with our loved ones. 

The first part of our journey started in Georgia. Van and I flew our first long haul flight together into Atlanta and it was looonng. With the high jet stream winds, our flight took 9.5 hours!! And it turned into a 17 hour travel day for us and we were exhausted by the time we arrived. But soon as we got settled in our rental car, we headed straight to Chick-fila. I have been craving it forever! But sadly, to tell you the truth, it was not as good as I remembered. I think our bodies have adjusted to eating so extremely healthy in England that the fast food just sent our bodies into "what the heck was that" mode!

After the stop to eat, we finally made it to our first stop in Adairsville, Georgia. Uncle Van was the hit of the week to say the least. With Van's brother Bryant deployed to Africa, these little sweet babies were happy to see their daddy's look alike :) And he was happy to love on our sweet little Cheyenne and Zane!

I love this shot of Zane taken by Cheyenne! I think she may turn out to be a little artist!

Zane pooped after all the playing with Uncle Van! Sweet baby...

Van and I snuck away to his Mamaw and Papaw's house on the 23rd to get some special spoiling before the rest of the family came for Christmas Eve. We always enjoy our time with these two special people. And they always cook us some yummy food, special just for us!

And I had to get a shot of the living room....our British friends think our house in Ely is big. I think our entire house could fit in this living room! Maybe twice! Only in America....

While at Mamaw and Papaw's, Van desperately needed to feel American. This was his first trip back to the States since September 2013. So what did he do to feel American? Work on this monstrosity of a vehicle (I was hoping it might have burned in a fire) and play around with his guns.....neither of which we could bring to England. 

Christmas day rolled around and it was a blessing to spend it with our niece and nephew. I just love watching their faces as they open all of their gifts! We were all more than spoiled by 'Santa Claus'....Charla, tell him thank you for me :)

These two: Giving me their model faces. 

Little German girl! Cheyenne in her German hat and scarf set from us.

Santa should have just brought boxes for Zane. That's all he cared about!

Well, I take that back....he cared about the wooden sword that Uncle Van and Aunt Jamie bought him. Wow. How obvious is it that we don't have children?! We bought a 2 year old a sword. LOL.

And how can you get through a Southern Christmas without teaching someone about a scope. Don't's a .22 made to look like a scarier gun. And of course safety is always first!

Finally got the boy to sit still! There may have been a candy bribe involved.....

Christmas in Georgia was a great first week back in the US. Trips to Target and Hobby Lobby, lots of coffee, lots of Southern food, and lots of sweet family moments. What more can you ask for?

After Christmas in Georgia, we headed further south to Mississippi to see the rest of Van's family. We got to see lots of family and had lots of laughs. While the time was short, we so enjoyed it! 

Folks, this is just the first part of our trip. We are so blessed to have been able to spend two full weeks with our families. The second half is coming soon!

Our Christmas was was yours?