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Prague Round Two

Oh man. We are still in love with Prague. Our second visit to our favorite Praha was a good one again and we had the added surprise of a little less tourists! Yay! And after this visit, I've decided that I will eventually put together a little Prague guide based on a wide range of budgets seeing as though we have hit all aspects of Prague. But for this little post, I'll just give you a little roundup of what we did the second time round.

First off, we stayed at an amazing little hotel, The Emblem Hotel. Directly off the town square, and not to mention it's 5 star status, it was pretty much perfect. We arrived early on a Friday and were welcomed with warm hospitality at the Emblem. And after an early 3:30AM wakeup call, a rest was needed in this perfect little bed.

After resting for a brief minute, we headed to our favorite...Sansho. We visited and learned about Sansho our last time in Prague when we took the Taste of Prague tour. And it was heavenly the second time around. Don't you just love that? We feasted on several starters and had to have seconds of the Asian Pork Belly, which actually wasn't even on the menu anymore but they obliged and served it up to us. We also had Soft Shell Crab Sliders and Spicy Pork Tacos. All. Divine.

A photo posted by Jamie Sullivan Gunter 📷 (@jamiegunter83) on

Afterwards, I was in need of my favorite dark beer from the best place to get it in Prague. Lokal. Just as good and cheap as we remembered. And then it was nap time back in our cozy and soothing room before our 'blate night'!

Yep, we met up for a 'blate' (blog date) with Amy and E from Amy and the Great World, who I am insanely jealous of by the way. Oh to live in Prague! We certainly had blast starting off at the Prague Beer Museum, which was an excellent choice (thank you Amy) and we had missed out on it the previous visit, so we were happy to go. They had amazing beers and so inexpensive. I just cannot get over Prague prices....but that's what England will do to you!

Afterwards, we meandered down to Mama Lucy's which none of us had been to and it also turned out to be a decent choice! We ate, drank, laughed and had just a super fun night. Van even ordered his drink lit on fire. Thank you blog world for bringing us all together for a fun night out!!

The next day two days were spent wandering around and just taking in Prague slowly. We hadn't a single thing on the agenda and it was awesome. Just soaking in the city.

We finally made it by some interesting artwork that we had missed previously....

And ended with a sweet trip to Cafe Savoy, another favorite.

So stay tuned for an upcoming Prague guide including 3 different budget categories to suit your travel style! And for previous posts (which have plenty more detail) check these out:

Praha, we love you!

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Now, if I could just work off all that delicious Praha food! If you are interested in following along with my journey to a leaner and meaner me, head on over to Fit For Life and join the fun!

Top 5 Destinations from 2014 + Top 5 for 2015

2014 was an incredible travel year for us which makes it difficult to narrow down our top destinations for the year! I swear we leave every new destination claiming it to be our favorite. But after discussing what our favorite trips were, we came up with a shortlist. 

Top Travels in 2014

5. Tie: Amsterdam and Paris

After a short trip to Amsterdam with my Dad, we have decided that this city is one that we could definitely return to and actually need to return to. We loved the architecture and the city but we missed out on a lot of the museums. And not to mention, we would love to go back just for the food! 

Amsterdam Posts:

And Paris. We visited Paris while I was sick with a tummy bug and we missed out on a lot. There was sooo much to do in Paris but we still got a good feel for the city and wouldn't mind returning for some food and shopping!

Paris Posts (coming soon)
Thoughts on Paris | Notre Dame | The Louvre
Our Wonderful Apartment | Cedric's CV Night Tour | Montmarte/Sacre Couer

4. Santorini

Santorini is on many a bucket list. And for good reason. The sunsets from the island's cliff side cannot be beat! Plus the beaches, the food, the's all amazing. We so enjoyed our time cruising the island on the ATV and eating the glorious Greek food. And after seeing our first sunset, I was sure I had died and had passed on into some sort of travel heaven. I had permanent chills!

Santorini Posts:

3. Chamonix

As avid snowsports enthusiasts, skiing and boarding the Alps was high on our bucket list while living in England. Our first taste came at Chamonix in France. It was absolutely incredible. We will now be forever spoiled by the Alps, especially now that we have booked 2 more Alps getaways this winter!! But Chamonix will always be our first love when it comes to the Alps.

Chamonix Posts:

2. Germany

We finally got to visit Germany in December. We immediately felt comfortable in this country and I think that it has to do with the similarities to the conveniences of the US. But add in some amazing castles and Christmas Markets and its a perfect country to getaway to. Luckily, we have another trip planned back to our new favorite country in a few days!

Germany Posts (more coming soon)

1. Prague

Germany may be our favorite country but Prague is by far our favorite city and for many many reasons including; the people, the food, the beer, the history, the architecture, the prices, the hotels, everything!! We were so sad when we had to leave Prague after a 3 night stay. We had a perfect trip to Prague and hopefully will get to return before we leave England. 

Prague Posts:

*Honorable Mention: not a destination, but flying first class from the US to the UK was a dream. I got lucky and was able to score a seat and it was just incredible. Oh to lead that lifestyle!

Top 5 for 2015

Ok, here is where reality hits. We will be moving this year and we don't have much time left for adventures in Europe. This hurts my heart just a little bit. Ok, a lot bit. The thought of not being able to hop on a plane to visit a new country every month just sucks. And the crazy person in me wants to spend every last penny we have and travel every weekend until we have to leave. But its just not possible. I have a serious itinerary planned for our remaining months but I'm also trying to be realistic and not go overboard......oh the struggles!

So here is my Top 5 list for 2015:

1. Austria
I am a massive Sound of Music fan and I have wanted to visit the "hills" before we ever knew we would be moving to England. So this WILL be happening! Hopefully, we will get to take a little sidetrip to Hallstatt as well as it looks to be incredibly gorgeous. 

2. Poland
Ever since I read Number the Stars and learned of the Holocaust in school, I have had such a desire to visit Auschwitz and pay my respects to those who were brutally murdered there. I know there are several other sites and if it is possible, I would like to visit those as well. But Poland has been on my list for awhile because of this reason. 

3. Croatia
We are hoping to fit in a beach trip this summer to the waters of Croatia and we are trying to talk some family members (ahem, Dad) into coming with us! Since we visited beaches in Greece and Spain last year, this will be our beach 'fix' trip for 2015!

 4. Italy
After visiting Rome last year, we know we need to get back to Italy. I'm hoping to put together a trip including Cinque Terre, Venice and Florence. Any tips are appreciated on this little adventure!

5. Budapest
From what we hear, Budapest rivals our most favorite Prague. So this little trip is almost completely planned. It looks fantastic!

Of course there are a million honorable mentions. And I am hoping to fit some of those in. But with the nature of Van's job, we never really know exactly when we are moving so this is about all I can plan for at this moment. Oh and in addition to these Top 5, we are headed back to Germany next week and Switzerland in February!!

So there you have favorites from last year and my penciled in travels for 2015!

What travels are you looking forward to this year?

Treasure Tromp

Beer Spa | Prague

Today I will leave you with a final, short and sweet Prague post. About a fun little thing we did in Prague.

The Beer Spa

I booked this last minute as something fun for Van and I. Van is not a 'spa' person but I am. So what better way for us both to enjoy it than a beer spa? No, you don't soak in a tub a beer but it's close to it! Set in a old underground cellar, there is a whirlpool tub that looks like a barrel with the jets flowing. The spa attendant pours in actual beer ingredients, including hops and barley and then you hop right in in your birthday suit (which is why this post is pictures haha!)! But that's not all...add a beer tap to the side and your set, with all you can drink pints while you relax in the tub for 30 minutes. A detox while you retox type of thing!

After the tub soaking, which really did make my skin feel amazing, we were ushered into a room with a bed and heated blankets. We were wrapped up nice and tight and given a bell to ring if we needed more beer. With gentle music playing and a light display on the cellar ceiling, it was easy to drift off into a peaceful nap!

A perfect ending to a perfect stay in Prague!!

If you think you might want to give this a go, here are the details:

Týn 10 (courtyard Ungelt)
110 00 Prague 1
Telephone reservations: +420 777 00 18 18
Telephone reception: +420 221 771 048

Beer Spa Bernard Prague Business hours
Monday - Sunday    11:30 - 22:00 hours

Multiple Packages- Check the website for details!

Treasure Tromp


Where we Stayed | K+K Central Prague

Are you tired of Prague yet? I promise....only a couple more and then it's on to the next destination!

What comes to mind when I think of K+K Hotel Central Prague?

Impeccable Service | Super Clean | Fab Decor | Amazing Value
They Thought of Everything!

Yes, this hotel was perfect. I seriously cannot fault it. As I contemplated if there was anything I could fault, I asked Van what he thought and he couldn't come up with any thing either! So excuse me while I gush about this hotel for a moment.

I found a deal through Tripadvisor for K+K Central Prague. Centrally located and breakfast included, I couldn't pass it up. Rated as a 4 Star hotel, and with excellent reviews on TA I figured this would be a good bet. My expectations were exceeded!

I emailed the hotel a few days prior to arrival to see if there was anyway I could book their airport taxi last minute and they said of course. They also promised to try their best to allow us to check in early on arrival day. And by early, I mean 10:00AM on a Friday. Upon arriving, they informed us that they had a room ready. I didn't even have to ask or explain that I had emailed was all taken care of. Not to mention, the taxi service was top quality. We were greeted at the airport, there was Wi-fi IN THE CAR ( I mean whaaat??) and bottled water in the back seats waiting for us. Truly impeccable service. While this was an additional cost, it was less than a normal taxi ride from the airport and no hassle whatsoever.

elevator selfie
Our room was an executive room, which was part of the TripAdvisor deal, and while basic it was very high quality furnishings and super clean. The very tall ceilings and large windows helped give the room a larger feel. And the bed....the most comfortable bed I have had yet in Europe. They obviously do not stick to the 'hard as a rock' European standard. The room and bathroom were so clean, I decided to have a bubble bath the first night (which I rarely do in a hotel because germs scare me) complete with wine from the mini-bar. Speaking of the mini-bar.....they had just about everything you needed. And if it wasn't in there, they had room service with some delicious looking and very low priced items.

my new fave
I really appreciated the small touches that really completed our stay which included; a tablet with great Prague travel information, free wifi, and delivery of a liter of still water and chocolates every afternoon, which was much appreciated after long days of walking and forgetting to pick up more water.

The Breakfast: Oh wow. This was way more than I expected. It was a feast every morning. Each morning there were eggs of course with cereals and yogurts with toppings. But everyday the cooked meats changed, there were different cooked veggies every morning and a massive variety of delicious pastries, amazing cheeses and even mimosas. We were happy every morning!

So how much did we pay for this over the top 4 star hotel? An average of 110 Euro a night!

I felt the value was incredible and this is why I have to share this little place with you if you are venturing to Prague! If we return, we would absolutely stay again!

K+K Central Prague

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Oh, and be on the lookout this weekend for some Instagram shots from our travels! Ciao!