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Best Beach Spots in Korcula

The island of Korcula is filled the brim with beach spots. Some are well known and have beach rentals and food spots nearby. But there are also many secluded areas to stop off and have a swim in the crystal blue waters. It's the way an island should be.

Croatian Hospitality & Our Croatian Air BnB Experience

Something I didn't expect to experience in Croatia was the incredible hospitality shown to us from most every Croatian we met. Not knowing too much about the history of the country probably made this a little more enhanced for me but I was in total awe of just how genuinely friendly every one was. I also was pleasantly surprised by the excellent English spoken at the three areas we visited. I have to admit, I have become extremely language lazy. On trips to our last few countries I have not even glanced at common words and phrases. #travelfail.

The Dreamy Island of Korčula

Cobblestone streets, crystal blue waters, gorgeous boats, yummy food, romantic coves, rolling vineyards and WINE!! I mean what more can you ask for from a Croatian island? Korčula, you really did a number on us. Oh wow. Where do I even begin?

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