Tintagel Castle | Cornwall

King Arthur had it made....

Am I right? Ok, I am going to let you in on a little ditzy secret moment of mine.....I thought King Arthur was real. I had no idea it was 'the legend' of King Arthur! Hello! Embarrassing, yes. So you can imagine how funny Van thought I was when I told him that we were headed to the castle where King Arthur was conceived and possibly born. Ha!

We decided to take a short trip out to Tintagel while we were glamping in the Devonshire countryside. It was a lovely drive and while I hadn't looked up much info on the area, I wasn't the least bit surprised to see that the little village of Tintagel was incredibly charming. Most castle villages in England usually are the most charming! Tintagel is actually in Cornwall and it was just as pretty as they say it is. Definitely an area that I would love to return to. 

It was a gorgeous day to explore the grounds and ruins of what was once a large castle and community. The views from the cliffs were reminiscent of the Cliffs of Moher and the water was surprisingly very blue in some areas. The cliff sides were speckled with furry little goats and seagulls flew overhead. Pure 'castling' perfection!

While the legend of King Arthur (and Merlin and the rest of the characters) may just be that, a legend, Tintagel Castle is definitely a place to visit for everyone. Hosted by the English Heritage, entry fee is small and for the views, 100% worth it. If you are out travelling through Cornwall, take a stop at this gorgeous place for me will ya? 

Happy Friday!

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