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I'm sat down, coffee in hand and I am going to post now. I have totally put my little webspace on the back burner these last few weeks and there is much to talk about! I guess it has to do with me being in a little bit of denial that we no longer live in England. I now am forced to say 'when I lived in England'. Ugh. Heartbreak. So here I am, ready at my laptop, ready to knock out an update post. It's a lengthy one so bear with me!


It was official, We moved out of our Ely house and into a precious local Airbnb for our remaining days in Ely. And on August 31st, we drove down to Heathrow and settled into the Marriott before our 10:45 flight the next day. Everything went smoothly that day...rental car turned in, we both had all the proper documents, we had to use one of those buggy things to carry our 10 bags (yes...we were 'those' people) and we made it to our gate with no drama...only reluctance. 

Well, we had the best intentions but our British Airways airplane did not. We sat on the plane for 3 HOURS before our 9 hour flight took off. There was some kind of mechanical problem of course. Yuck. So of course we missed our connecting flight in Miami and were forced into a 4 hour layover there. By the time we made it to Pensacola,  it was 5:30AM GMT and 11:30PM CST. But it was so nice to see my Dad waiting for us! 

As happy as we were to see my Dad, all I could think about was seeing my baby boys. It had been 3 1/2 months since we left the little boogers at Heathrow to head back to America. Of course they were all snuggled up asleep in their 'room' when we got there! But after waking up a little I think they realized they weren't dreaming and we were really there. It helped us to not focus so much on the leaving and focus a little more on the future. 

At the Beach
We arrived at Dad's on Tuesday and since the upcoming weekend was Labor Day Weekend, we stayed through Monday. We couldn't have planned it any better. It was the perfect way to acclimate to the time zone and life in general. We spent a couple of days on the boat soaking in the sun and gorgeous blue water. Then we had a huge football party on Saturday and I was able to see a lot of my family! And I also was able to attend a baby shower for two of my close friends in high school! I couldn't believe how well it all worked out. Our first few days back and I was able to see soooo many people with little effort! It was just what we needed. 

And the boys. Oh wow are they spoiled. And happy! They have SOOO much room to roam. It made my heart want to burst seeing them head out into the yard in the mornings to find their sunbathing spots....something that they were unable to do in England. And although Bruno the boxer is on the heavy side from too many treats, I am accepting it because that's what grandparents do right? Spoil them like crazy. I think we may have a hard time getting them back! 

So we have been in Georgia now for almost 2 weeks. The first week we drove up to have dinner with Van's parents and we were so happy to see them! It's such a different feeling now seeing family because we know we won't be leaving again! It's nice to give hugs and know the next one is not too far away. Anyway, we also drove up to North Georgia our first weekend back and did some kayaking in Elijay. I think that being outside in nature here in the US is really helping us to find the happiness in moving back. In England, we could just wander the streets and be happy because the setting itself was so magical. In the US, we don't have the character everywhere. But our nature scenes can be just as magical. So I am thankful for moments like these that are helping us hold onto the magic.

Van has purchased his vehicle and I think has fallen in love with it haha! He has quickly forgotten about his beloved little BMW in England and went forward with a new truck. Merica right?! And I am still floundering about on what I want to drive. I have gotten so used to not driving that it really has become a bother to think about. I am laughing as I type this because most people probably think that sounds lame. But ugh...I want my trains and lovely British streets back. Oh, well...I will get there soon enough.

Also, Van has been in the office since we landed in Atlanta. And he is not fond of office work! So I guess it's time to fill everyone in on our plans....

we are not staying in Atlanta

What's Next?
So yes, I repeat, Atlanta is no longer long term for us! Van is taking another assignment and it will land us in Ft. Walton Beach, Florida! While it's not another glamorous location, it IS the beach! AND I am only 1 1/2 hours from my Dad. I have good friends in the area and we both are happy with the decision.

Choosing not to settle brings a lot of questions with it but we know that they will all work out for the best. We still are hoping to add some major travelling to the mix but we also want to use the time to focus on our careers as well. Van is just short of his Masters and I am plugging away at getting going on my career in Dietetics. So it seems as though there is a lot of new adventures on the horizon for us. I am going to go ahead and apologize in advance for the obscene amount of beach photos and sunsets that will be coming your way :)

With all of that said, I am vowing to get back to blogging. I have missed it and am excited to continue to share our story!

Tomorrow is the beginning of the Tone it Up Fit for Fall Challenge! It's 8 weeks of challenging yourself to be healthier and it's fun! I promise! Oh and it's free! If you want to join, visit the website or just use ol Google and sign up. And you can always follow along with me on Instagram at jamieg_tiu83. Let me know if you decide to take the challenge!

Happy Sunday!!

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