One Last Jaunt in Cambridge

I was completely blessed with close friends in Ely. After joining the Ely Ladies Meetup group in April of 2014, I met my crew and will have lasting relationships with these special girls. And as it was time for me to move, we decided to spend a day just hanging out in Cambridge. While most of it centered around eating and drinking, we also made it over to the River to have a go a punting! When in Cambridge.....:)

Punting is definitely a tourist attraction but I highly recommend it! Start by finding a Groupon and/or haggling with the uni punters for a cheap price! We used Let's Go Punting with a Groupon that I had purchased months before and had forgotten about and it worked out great. Most of the 'drivers' for lack of a better word, are college students trying to make an extra buck. They give you wonderful history lessons while you leisurely cruise the river. Bring a bottle of wine, or purchase a wine picnic to go from the cafe across from the punting check in, and you are set!

We had the most perfect weather for a day on the River. And we also had a lovely time wandering the gorgeous but crowded streets of Cambridge making memories that I will cherish forever. I miss my girls dearly but am so thankful for technology today...and am thoroughly enjoying our Skype dates! Cambridge is such a great city to visit for a day and take in the college scenes....I highly recommend. History galore!

Oh how I am missing these gorgeous British scenes.....

Have you been punting in Cambridge? What was your favorite part?

Also, did you catch my moving update? Check it out here!! 

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