Unexpected Travel Moments

You have your bags packed, plane tickets in hand and a itinerary of the exciting activities you are going to get into when you land. You've mapped out the perfect stay in your chosen destination and you feel like you have planned the perfect trip. Well, if that's not you....it's most definitely me. I have gotten pretty good at this whole planning gig and I always strive to make the most out of a trip while having loads of fun at the same time! I guess I would say I am good at keeping a good balance when we travel. Check things off the list but have a relaxing and enjoyable time as well!

So I plan and plan but there have been some moments in our travels that I never could have planned for. Good moments! Ones that I look back on and realise that I never could have imagined them happening in my wildest dreams. Or maybe they are from my wildest travel dreams! I feel blessed, thankful and mostly in awe of these unexpected travel moments.

#5 Stumbling Upon Brentor Church

When Van and I went glamping last month, there wasn't much on the agenda. It wasn't as though we were headed to Paris or Rome! We were heading to the lovely Devon countryside and relaxation was in order. But when we arrived at our yurt, we could see a structure on top of a large hill in the distance. We weren't sure if it was a castle or just a tower but we were intrigued for sure. We set off the next day for Lydford Gorge and realised that we were getting closer and closer to the structure. It was a church! Way up on the hillside. We took a detour and followed the signs and scrambled our way up to the church. Gorgeous views were laid out in all directions. It was such an unexpected and beautiful moment. And perfectly British. (more from Brentor Church soon!)

#4 Having St. Peter's Square to myself

Rome is busy. Super busy. And after braving the crowds at the Basilica the day before, I was skeptical about having any sort of moment worth mentioning while at the Vatican. But a quiet Sunday morning proved me wrong. I had arrived before the crowds and felt like I had the whole square to myself. A travel moment definitely worth savoring.

#3 Sunset applause

Most everyone who travels to Santorini is anxious to see the famed sunsets. But what I didn't expect was the growing buzz up on top of the cliffs that continued to grow as the sun set. As crowds gathered to watch the sun set, the oohs and aaahs and light music playing in the background filled the air. And then, as the sun dipped below the horizon, an island wide applause broke out! It was such a happy moment and I joined in on the applause. 

#2 Authentic Italian at 2:30AM in Dublin

Ah. One of my favorite unexpected moments! And I have no photos :/. A little back story; Van and I are both fairly chatty and like to talk with people while in different countries. While in Dublin, Van and I met a a couple of guys at The Dingle Whisky bar and after chatting for awhile, we decided we would head over to another bar together. One was Irish, the other French and both were artists and super fun! After a drink, we went back to their apartment for one more (haha)! They said that they had another roommate who was Italian and worked at a local restaurant and would be home soon and we could meet him and his girlfriend as well. Well, Italian roommate Mario (and his non-English speaking cousin) comes home with a huge plate full of caprese skewers and begins to whip up a huge batch of pasta upon entering his apartment, asking how much pasta will everyone need! Um, heaven? Am I here? The food was incredible. The mix of cultures was even more incredible to watch (the Frenchman and Italian cousin communicated in German). And Mario thought I was Italian! Win. Win. WIN!

#1 Half New Year in Korcula

My favorite, unexpected travel moment has to be the Half New Year celebration that the island of Korčula celebrates each year! Upon arriving in Korčula, we were told about the festivities planned for the night. The whole town came dressed in costumes, adults and children alike! There was live music, street dance parties and food and drink venues scattered about. EVERYONE had a huge smile on their faces and it was super family friendly! We found a perfect little spot to enjoy some tasty cocktails and listen to a little live music. And at midnight, a town fireworks display commenced. It was such an awesome, unexpected moment. One that will keep a smile on my face for some time to come!

Have you had an amazing unexpected travel moment?

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