Sunday Chat | II

Good morning on this Sunday! I hope things are gorgeous where you are. It's a lovely but warm day here in Ely. But with smells of coffee and bacon, plus a little breeze running through our 'new' house, the day is starting off quite nicely. So let's see, what's been going on.....

The Move
Our movers came Monday! And they were fantastic. I have to say, we have been incredibly impressed with the quality of moving services here in the UK. Even thinking back to when they first unloaded our things into our Ely was all very professional and we felt very taken care of. I'm gonna go with 10 times better than our previous moves in the States. 

They packed Monday and Tuesday and literally JUST fit everything into our 20x10 shipping container. It was crazy to watch them fit the truck loaded with the container on it down our tiny little street! We were relieved that everything fit, especially when I added on some last minute furniture pieces. Oops.

Wednesday, Van went back to work and I had the task of doing the exit clean on our house. Thanks Van lol. Now, my lungs feel like they have been wrecked by all of the dust and bleach! But it all got done and was nice and sparkly! Hopefully the deposit return reflects that!

And then finally, on Thursday, we handed over the keys and said goodbye to 91 Columbine Road. 

Our New Home
It's no secret that I love finding a good Airbnb. We have used Airbnb for some of our trips including Amsterdam, Edinburgh, Paris, Rome, Dubrovnik and Korcula, and we have truly lucked out on all of our stays. Or maybe it's just because I am overly obsessive about accommodations and I scour reviews endlessly haha! Anyway, once again, we have hit the AirBnb jackpot here in Ely!

Knowing that I wanted to stay in Ely for our remaining days in England, I wasn't too keen on staying in an inn or hotel. With 30+ days of suitcase living on the horizon, I wanted to make sure that we could live as normal as possible. So I definitely wanted a place with a kitchen and a living room. I found the perfect spot in Ely within our budget and available for the dates that we needed and I am so glad I booked it. Our host Caroline, who seems to be about my age, was super welcoming and made us feel like we could just settle in like the place was ours.

We actually settled in quickly and I almost feel like this is my own house :) It has everything we need and is also super close to the city center. Whereas we were about 1 mile away from the center at our rented house, I am now about a 3 minute walk. It's so nice to walk into town everyday now!

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Filming in Ely
Friends, there is a new British TV drama coming your way next year! It's called The Crown and will be six seasons, I believe, centering around the Royal family starting 50ish years ago. We have been able to catch glimpes of the actors coming out of the Cathedral dressed in vintage attire and it's got the town buzzing with excitement! And just a few days ago, they were filming the Queen's wedding ceremony using Ely Cathedral as a stand in for Westminster! How cool!!

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Our Last Week
It's officially our last full week and it's bittersweet for sure. My friends and I have some final moments planned and I hope the weather holds up for us. I will miss my friends and living abroad but everyday it seems like I can't wait another day to see my puppies! Oh, and family and friends too! But I am hoping and praying for a week that isn't sad but a week where I can look around and feel nothing my gratefulness in my heart. 

What's going on in your world this week? Is it pretty where you are today?

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