Sunday Chat | I

Welcome to a new little feature on The Healthy Passport! Things are always so busy and it's nice to have a good catch up chat sesh...don't ya think? A post just to ramble a bit, talk about life's going ons and what not and maybe a little sharing of some favorite things from around the web. So grab a cuppa and let's have a little chat!

Favorite blog reads
Unexpected Travel Moments- I'm still dreaming about those caprese skewers!
Feast with Sophie- She posted such a gorgeous eggplant pasta recipe! I really want to take the time one day to make my own pasta one day :)
Unlocking Kiki- Gorgeous photos...I've got to get to Iceland one day. Seriously
Small Towns & City Likes: Rachel is talking travel hacks and having a giveaway. Check it out!
The Overseas Escape: So happy that Margo has made it back safely to the States!

Page Updates
I've finally updated my Zeal page with lots of info if you are interested in fortifying your health! These days, just about any doctor will tell you that it is a good idea to have some sort of vitamin supplement. Well Zeal wellness does that and much more, so hop on over and have a little look see. I also added a Recipe page under the Healthy Living tab!

GMO Labelling
Did you catch my post I put on Facebook the other day? I love that GMO labelling is required here in the UK and I am actually pretty bummed about the situation in the States. Have you been following along with all the political mess surrounding it? I also read this great blog post from Lauren at The Bikini Experiment on GMOs that you might want to check out.

Garage Sale
Soooo, a couple of my friends and I decided to have a little garage sale....which is really quite rare in these parts! But we do have a nice sized American community in the surrounding areas and we thought we would be ok. We set out fairly late according to American standards at 8am. And for about two hours all we heard was crickets! (Well except for one of my sweet British friends :)) We ended up making a few quid but it definitely was not anything like having an American garage sale....especially in the South! Either way, chalking it up to another expat experience :) Oh! And we have sold our car, so that makes things a lot less stressful. The movers are coming soon and we are clearing things out. It's getting real.

Workout Recap
I posted my August goals the other day and most of them had to do with fitness. Well, I have kept on schedule this week and I am happy to say that my running days were excellent! I managed 17 miles this past week and I'm hoping to get another good long one in today....because it's #SundayRunday!! 

So that's my little ramble for today. What's up in your world?

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