Save Your Bones! 5 Tips for Strengthening your Bones

So just what do you know about keeping your bones healthy? If we drink enough milk, we will stay strong right? Unfortunately, this isn't the whole truth. So what can we do?

We have been told for years that drinking our milk everyday would lead to strong bones and reduce our risk of osteoporosis. But drinking dairy milk might actually cause our bones to release stored calcium to neutralize the acid from the dairy milk which is really the opposite effect we are looking for. Really, milk is not all it's talked up to be. Yes, we do get a nice dose of calcium but with today's milk and cows being pumped full of hormones, we are not getting what we imagine when we picture a dairy maid squirting milk into a tin pail! I recently read about a Swedish study that showed that milk correlated with a higher increase in hip fractures! My point is, don't rely on milk for your calcium needs! Check out these statistics below and let's come up with some better ways to maintain bone mass!! Prevention is so important, because unfortunately surgery for osteoporosis can cause major problems. Just this year, the FDA issued a recall for one of the more popular knee replacement devices called the Zimmer Knee Persona. Let's get out in front of these disease by eating right and exercising properly!

So How Can We Maintain Bone Mass?

1. Reduce Dairy Milk Intake 

Replace your dairy milk with delicious alternatives such as almond milk or coconut milk! I promise, after some time, you won't even notice that you have switched! When you are out getting your next coffee, ask if they have a milk alternative. Most coffee shops do. I found a fantastic coffee shop in Dublin who made THE best almond milk latte I have ever tasted! (Coffee Angel- I've mentioned it before. Find it and GO!) But even soy milk is a better alternative to keeping your bones healthy than dairy milk. And if you keep reminding yourself of the osteoporosis statistics, then it might be even easier. Truthfully, there are many harmful things about dairy milk consumption that I won't go into today but just promise me you will think about your intake, ok?
2. Eat your calcium

You literally could make a Calcium Salad! Kale is my favorite source of calcium. Throw on some tofu, broccoli, chickpeas, almonds and maybe some yummy avocado and boom, there's your calcium supply! Not only will you be getting your much needed calcium, but you will also be getting a TON of other necessary nutrients as well. 
3. Exercise!
Weight bearing exercises help to retain and build bone mass. When bones sense the strain, they respond by making the bone denser and therefore stronger. Weight bearing exercises include things like walking/running, weight lifting, dancing (hey hey hey!), and hiking! These exercises also promote better muscle coordination which can help your reaction if you do have a fall. 
4. Watch your Alcohol (and stop smoking!)
Alcohol can interfere with calcium absorption and can also damage bone forming cells. So it's best to stick to just a couple of drinks per week. Studies also show that smoking can result in lower bone density and it's just overall a fantastic idea just to stop for overall health reasons. We know smoking kills. There is no question. 
5. Vitamin D and Vitamin K
Intake of Vitamin D is just as important as calcium and also helps your body to better absorb calcium. A great source of Vitamin D?? The SUN!! About 15 minutes of sun exposure can help satisfy our daily requirements. However, this can be hard to do here in England as our sun likes to hide and during the winter and we all look like the ghost version of ourselves! So supplements can be another option for you. I drink Zeal for Life daily which supplies me with a whopping 95% of  Vitamin D...done and done! And no Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) for this gal :)
Vitamin K has also shown to help with bone formation. This vitamin can be found in darker leafy greens, So if you eat that Calcium Salad, you will be getting your necessary bone sustaining nutrients! 
Bone loss can and will happen as we age, but there are many ways that we can reduce the amount of bone loss. Find your inner Popeye and eat your greens. Watch your sodium intake. Reduce your dairy and find other nutritious calcium sources. And let's get moving!

What is your favorite source of calcium?

This post is in partnership with American Recall Center to help spread osteoporosis awareness! Share with someone who you think mught need some tips!

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