Croatian Hospitality & Our Croatian Air BnB Experience

Something I didn't expect to experience in Croatia was the incredible hospitality shown to us from most every Croatian we met. Not knowing too much about the history of the country probably made this a little more enhanced for me but I was in total awe of just how genuinely friendly every one was. I also was pleasantly surprised by the excellent English spoken at the three areas we visited. I have to admit, I have become extremely language lazy. On trips to our last few countries I have not even glanced at common words and phrases. #travelfail.

Anyways, we definitely hit the jackpot with Croatian AirBnbs. If you are planning a trip to Croatia anytime soon I wholeheartedly recommend choosing an Airbnb. Whether you chose a room or the whole house, I think you will find that the hospitality is unlike any other. We have stayed in some great AirBnb listings but win!
At around $65 a night, Ana's apartment was just what we needed to save a few pennies. I always base my decisions heavily on reviews and the reviews for Ana's place were fantastic. Reviewers even stated that they got along so well with Ana, they went out for drinks! Now that sounds like my kind of host!

The apartment was super clean and stocked with everything that we needed. The terrace was an excellent spot to enjoy wine at the end of a day exploring.

Ana was indeed an awesome host, driving us into town on our first night and even dropping us off at the ferry on our last day. We were sad to say our goodbyes but thankful for her stories that she shared with us that gave us a glimpse into the life of a local in Dubrovnik.

Pros: Excellent host, modernized apartment, great views from terrace, parking available, cold AC and good wifi.
Cons: Just a bit of a walk into Old Town

Check out the listing for yourself and be sure to bookmark for future reference!!
After having such a great experience in Dubrovnik, I was excited to get to our next AirBnb in Korčula . And I was not disappointed. Rita was just as hospitable and went above and beyond for us!

And as much as I loved Rita, the apartment itself was amazing. THE most amazing balcony view I have ever had. I literally squealed and giggled each morning when I woke up to the view. And while I'm talking sleep, I slept like a huge rock here. Best sleep of my life. And we even found ourselves having impromptu naps on these lovely chairs!

So not only was the balcony incredible, but we also had a private swimming area in front of the house. The water was so beautiful, I just couldn't take my eyes off of it!

Pros: Excellent location, excellent host, THE VIEW
Cons: A little higher priced than Dubrovnik (however it is totally worth it), and I never got my wifi to work properly

You know you want to have this view everyday! So make sure you save this little number for your trip to Korčula!

I hope you are beginning to see why Croatia is such an amazing country to visit! I can't wait for a return trip one day. 

Have you ever visited a new place and been pleasantly surprised by the hospitality?

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