Chocolate Overnight Oats + Am I a Vegan?

I am one of those people who go through some serious food phases. I find something I like and I can't get enough of it! Last month, it was protein pancakes topped with fruit, peanut butter and honey. And this month, it's overnight oats!

I'm on a bit of a vegan kick lately (well except for the honey consumption...but at least it's organic!). After reading Eat to Live by Dr. Fuhrman, which I highly recommend and will be writing more about soon, I have started to really pay attention to how my body feels after consuming animal products. This includes dairy and eggs. And what I have found is that I don't feel my best when I consume animal products! So I have started to eat vegan throughout the day and consume, at most, one meal that isn't vegan, which is usually dinner and includes a meat and veggies (I eat 5 times a day, by the way!). I have really noticed a huge difference in how my tummy feels and it hasn't been hard to limit my animal product intake at all really! I'm naturally becoming a vegan...who knew.

So back to my new breakfast phase. My pancakes have egg whites in them so I decided to switch up everyday between pancakes and oats. And now I can't stop eating the oats :)

Overnight oats are awesome for many reasons. One, it's nice to not have such a hot breakfast during the summer. They are cool and filling and delicious. And two, it's grab and go, which is great if you are a person on the run in the morning! I am always running behind in the morning and this is a perfect way for my to get a substantial breakfast in a flash! And three, the ingredients in this little jar are fantastic for you. Oats have a substantial amount of fiber and keep your stomach full for a good while. Combine them with a nut butter, fruit and some nutritional toppings and your breakfast just scored a 10 out of 10!

I find it's best to use a mason jar with a lid for this recipe. Makes it easy to shake all of the ingredients together!

Combine oats. protein, cocoa, nut butter, cacoa nibs (optional), honey, and almond milk. Put the top on the jar and shake vigorously until kinda get a little workout here hehehe! Once combined, pop into the fridge for at least a couple of  hours. I make mine before I go to bed and they are nice and soft in the morning! And in the morning, top with your own fruit combination. Get adventurous and add nuts and goji berries! It's up to you!

Here's my new favorite topped with crumbled vegan peanut butter protein bars :)

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