Best Beach Spots in Korcula

The island of Korcula is filled the brim with beach spots. Some are well known and have beach rentals and food spots nearby. But there are also many secluded areas to stop off and have a swim in the crystal blue waters. It's the way an island should be.

The streets were practically empty as we scootered our way down to our first beach stop on the fabulously chill island of Korcula. It was our first full day on the island and we were looking for a sandy beach. After the pebble beaches of Dubrovnik, we were in need of a little change of scenery. So we headed towards the Lumbarda region of the island. After driving amongst rows and rows of vineyards, we came to the end of the island and took a left to Bilin Zal. And there we came upon a quiet little beach. We took a little beverage stop at the outdoor beach pub and took in the scenes. 

The sand of this beach was the best that I have found in our European beach travels. Its was super fine and reminded me of the sand I played on growing up on the Gulf Coast. 

While Van received a beach side massage, I sat and marvelled at the gorgeous water and the sailboats passing by. 

Bilin Zal: Bring your towels and your cash- you may want a pint or a massage! The water is very calm and very shallow, perfect for the wee ones!

Next up, this gorgeous little inlet. 

Our next beach day adventure, we got lucky with a 'two-fer'. Magical things happen like that on the island of Korcula! First beach stop, the bay at Bistro Dalmatino. On our way to Vaja Beach, we found this cosy little waterside cafe that served up big value. Had we not had plans to make it to Vaja, we could have stuck around here all day! Our meals at the Bistro by the way, two large Greek salads, a jug of water and a liter of wine....$18. The view was worth that alone!

Clears Waters + Croatian Wine = Happy Jamie :)

Bay at Bistro Dalmatino: Bring your towels and money for a delicious bay side lunch and a swim

So on to Vaja Beach we went with our bellies happy. Vaja Beach is very secluded and therefore most tourists pass this one up. Once you reach the end of the road, you must hike a little down to the actual beach. Vaja is a pebble beach and you surely must have some proper footwear to get down to the beach. We made it late in the day and the waves were picking up a bit which made the water a little less crystal. But it still was magical and I felt like I was in a movie. 

And I officially became European on Vaja. 

Vaja: This beach does require a moderately steep hike down to the beach. The pebbles are quite large so a thick towel would be helpful. There is no beach service or anything else nearby so be sure to bring all of your own supplies!

For our final day in Korcula, we set out on the scooter with no plan in mind and stumbled upon a place that we must return! Mimi's Bistro is a fantastic cafe, situated on a bay with beach side chairs and an incredible view. We had lunch, admired the beach and savored our delicious Croatian wine. After sitting around for a while, one of the owners came by to check on us and we struck up an expat conversation, as you do. Turns out, Mimi's Bistro is attached to the newly opened Tara's Lodge. Dennis eagerly took us on our tour of the small boutique hotel that was set to open the coming weekend. It was pure heaven. Chic, relaxing, neutral tones, fantastic views. You might want to check it out if you are visiting Korcula any time soon!

And finally, I'm including a couple of beaches that we were unable to make it to but I hear that they are worth a trip! 

Bratinja Luka

Pupnatska Luka 
Recommended by our AirBnb host, Rita!

Life's a beach, right? 

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