Beating the Moving Frenzy Madness | August Goals did August get here? I feel like July flew by way too fast and I am trying not to let it get me down. I want to enjoy this last month in England and not wallow in my sorrows as I am inclined to do! And since we need to save a little money for our move back to the States, travel is unfortunately not on the list of things to keep my mind off the move (plus I have a gajillion things to take care of!) So what's a girl to do?

For this girl, it's exercise. Having a weekly schedule of varied activities definitely keeps my brain's focus away from the crazy moving drama and releases stress all at the same time! Setting my plans at the beginning of the week helps me stay on track and not back out of it on days that I am feeling overwhelmed. So besides the obvious ridiculously long moving checklist, my monthly goals are all about health, fitness and soaking up the last little moments in a town that has found a sweet little place in my heart.

Monthly Goals

Run Far: I have been stuck in a sub 5 mile rut since returning from Croatia. I've started to push myself further this past week and got up to 5.4 miles but I really want to be able to run 10k with no problems on the regular. I would love to participate in a half marathon soon and raising my limits will certainly build my confidence in running the distance. For all of you glazing over at the mention of running, I feel ya. I have always despised running, until I changed my mindset!! It's all about building up your running confidence. I promise!

Be a better meal planner: Being able to order my groceries online and have them delivered definitely helps me stay on a better track with this. However, I have found myself choosing 'shop from previous order' too many times. I need to get back to planning healthy meals and really sticking to it. Planning my meals keeps us from ordering from Domino's or the Thai takeaway! And meal prepping on Sundays needs to become a priority for me again :|

Photograph Ely: For all of the photographs I take of our travels, I never really stop to document Ely. Yes, I have shared photos of the Cathedral a time or two but I haven't stopped to capture the little things I love so much about this town. So I must clear a space in my jumbled brain to remember to do this.

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Starting the Week Off Right

I started out with an awesome run yesterday and I've got my workouts lined up from the Tone it Up Weekly Fitness schedule! If you haven't heard of Karena and Katrina, you need to hop on board ASAP! They make fitness and healthy living super fun and the Instagram community is awesome. I'm definitely a #tiugirl!

If you aren't into TIU, then here are a few workouts to get your heart pumping this week!

And one from my hometown fit mom friend Erica! You. Will. Feel. This.

Hope you all have a happy and healthy start to your week! Embrace this Monday!

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