A Little Fraud and a Little Dublin

So I was not planning on posting today for Travel Tuesday, as I am in what I like to call 'perfectionist-procrastinator-ADD-packing' hell right now but after a chat about Europe with the Fraud Department representative lady at Bank of America yesterday (hold on), I remembered that I still have so much to share from Ireland. First, was that not the longest sentence ever? And secondly, yes, in the midst of moving, our only card that we use to pay with British Pounds has been used for fraudulent purchases (United Airlines flights and a new cell from Sprint) and we must wait about 10-14 days for our new one to arrive. What.

Ok anyway, I'm not going to dwell, I'm going to move forward.

So, back when Van and I visited Dublin for our 10 year anniversary, we visited Trinity College and the got to see the Book of Kells. But most importantly, we got to visit the Library at Trinity College. And while the Book of Kells was less than inspiring, I wanted to share our photos from the College and the Library because it truly was a fantastic experience!

I felt like I was in a movie that was mixed between Sherlock Holmes and Harry Potter....a pretty magical combination! 

Tips for visiting:

Book your Book of Kells tickets in advance! There was a massive line to get in and I believe you must first pass through the Book of Kells to get to the Library. The line was endlessly long when we visited and I would have been deeply disappointed had we not booked in advance!

Stop at Coffee Angel on your way in our out. Almond Milk Latte. You're welcome :)

Happy Tuesday!

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