The Dreamy Island of Korčula

Cobblestone streets, crystal blue waters, gorgeous boats, yummy food, romantic coves, rolling vineyards and WINE!! I mean what more can you ask for from a Croatian island? Korčula, you really did a number on us. Oh wow. Where do I even begin?

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After three awesome days in Dubrovnik, we hopped aboard the Krilo Jet high speed ferry and cruised up the Adriatic a couple of hours to our next stopping point, Korčula. Situated directly across from the Pelješac peninsula, the views were incredible; soaring mountains on one side and ocean views as far as your eyes allow on the other. The island itself was very wooded and held a bounty of coves and beaches just waiting to be explored. But those come later. Today, it's all about the scenes of Old Town Korčula and the other 'non-beachy' parts of the island.

 Bless him for carrying my purple backpack!

If you follow me on Instagram, then you might have seen our ridiculously amazing view from our balcony. It was incredible to wake up to each morning and have our breakfast and coffee overlooking the amazing cove. It really was like I was still dreaming when I woke up each day!

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Every day started out the same on Korčula. Breakfast on the balcony while discussing our plans. Then we would take off on our little scooter, which is a must and explore the island. Much of this exploring happened on our way to a chosen beach, and I couldn't get over how many quaint little villages we passed on the way. Roadside fruit stands, restaurants off the beaten path, and sunbathing areas. It was all so peaceful! And drop dead gorgeous.

Each night, we walked into town past our favorite drink spot (thanks Kaelene for the tip!) Maksimilijan Garden. The sunsets were incredible here and the food and drinks were top notch. Two words: Limoncello Mojito. Um, wowzers. And add in the fact that it also doubles as an art gallery....sold! Ok, I'm getting stuck on the restaurant a bit, but it was fab. Once we arrived in town, we were truly spoilt for choice on dining options. And atmosphere. Korčula is called a 'mini Dubrovnik' but I think that it had it's own personality.

I mean, SERIOUSLY ^^^^ swoon city!

The food in Korčula was delicious, which seems to be the case in all of Croatia. A few of our spots included Nonno, and Filippi, and further away from Old Town we enjoyed Mimi's Bistro. Pasta, seafood and cheese....what more can you ask for? At Nonno in particular, the hand rolled pasta was seriously to die for. As a matter of fact, it's hard to type about it without salivating!! And we can't talk about Korčula cuisine without talking about the wine. Oh Korčula wine, you have ruined me for all eternity! Grk, the wine that the island is famous for, definitely lives up to it's reputation. It is the only place in the world that the grapes are grown and it is heavenly. But in reality, we never had a Croatian wine that we didn't like. Note to self; make friends with a wine shop owner in the States who can import some Croatian wine for us :)

Food scenes...

Sunsets in Korčula rivaled that of a Santorini sunset for sure. The color of the sky each night was breathtaking. Watching the sunset, cool breeze beginning to blow and an island drink in hand. What a life.

I have such incredible memories from Korčula to last me a lifetime. Drinks on top on the fortress wall while watching the sunset. Swoon. Chatting with a Croatian who owned the fruit stand, neither of us understanding what each other was saying but he was so desperate to have a chat with us Americans! (I mean come on, if this doesn't relay to you how friendly Croatians are I don't know what will!) And finally, spending some incredible quality time with my husband in a beautiful place. I couldn't ask for much more. So if you are planning a Croatian holiday and want to find a relaxing and authentic atmosphere, come to Korčula. And if I haven't convinced you just yet, just wait for my post of Korčula beaches :)

As I am sharing some of our lovely experiences on Korčula, the island has just suffered tremendous loss from fires this week. Please keep the island and it's people in your thoughts. 

Thoughts on Korčula? Questions?

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  1. Your photos are absolutely gorgeous! I was bummed that I never made it to Korcula...the ferries weren't really running to/from the island when I was there!

  2. Well, next time you head that way, you have to go!!!! Rent a scooter and just chill. It's so beautiful!

  3. Your photos are STUNNING! I'm trying to spend a week in Croatia next summer (but I'd only be able to stay for a week at the most.) I've never been to Croatia ever -- do you think I should try to fit this island into my first visit?


  4. Korčula is just so beautiful I loved our time there. And that little cove, wasn't that view the best to wake up to every morning?! So sad to hear about the fires, keeping that beautiful island and everyone there in my thoughts.

  5. It was so amazing! It's hard for me to go back through all of these pictures because I want to be back so bad!! Haha!

  6. First off, you will love Croatia! I think it will depend on your schedule really and what you are expecting to get out of your trip! If you want a laid back island to explore..then Korcula is it! We most definitely used our scooter to get to secluded beaches everyday. Also, there wasn't much to do on the island but that was exactly what we were looking for after Dubrovnik! We went to Hvar afterwards and it was very lively compared to Korcula!