Dubrovnik | "Disneyland for Adults"

You can thank my husband for that little title blurb there! But seriously Dubrovnik, thank you for the perfect welcome to your beautiful country of Croatia!

Prepare yourself for many many stair photos. Well...many photos in general. I can't help myself. 

Are you audibly sighing with me?

Upon arrival at the Dubrovnik airport, which by the way is super chill, we were picked up by our AirBnb host's brother and driven the 20 minutes or so to our apartment on the hillside. As we drove in, I knew we were in for such a treat! Originally, I thought we may end up not thinking Dubrovnik was that great, but I was so so wrong. It was almost as though Dubrovnik was all the things that I wanted other European cities to be rolled into one. Not to say that those cities aren't great, but the charm of Dubrovnik was more than I could have hoped for and was totally unexpected!

So, what did we do? Well we immediately went down into town as we were starving! It was a long travel day for us two as we did not have a direct flight (I waited too late to book direct). But lucky for us, our awesome host Ana drove us straight up to the city wall along with recommendations for dinner. So we found our restaurant, Lady Pi Pi, and waited in line. Yes, waited in line because they do not take any reservations. But with a rooftop outdoor seating area, you bet we were going to stick around!

And it was worth the wait. Dinner was so delicious and they literally grilled all of the seafood on a wood burning stove up on the terrace! Yum, go there...it's delicious. And after dinner, we waltzed our way into town down the picturesque stone staircases. The staircases... heart be still! I loved the potted plants lining the steps and open shutters and hanging laundry from above.

We walked around for a bit and then found ourselves a place to enjoy a bottle of Croatian wine. Which is heavenly by the way and I want to cry every time I leave a store here in Ely empty handed with no Croatian wine. Sad face.

The next day, we decided to find a beach even though there was some rain in the forecast. But breakfast first. We went to Dubravka 1836 which I thought may be a tourist trap since it is right next to the bus station. But it is not at all! For a fantastic breakfast spread that is an incredible value....GO HERE. And try and get a seat on the wall for a fantastic view.

We walked into town and purposely got lost in the winding alleys. One thing that I noticed was how incredibly clean Dubrovnik was. And just plain gorgeous really. Oh, and the stairs. Did I mention that already?

 Van, making sure he stays well for the trip! Can't afford to miss a day in the gorgeous Croatian sun!

After wandering the streets and checking out a few shops, we found our way to Buza Bar. There are two Buza bars but we only made it to the first one (I think). I challenge you to find them both! The views were awesome and the vibes were easy going. Buza bar served up some yummy Croatian wine and fabulous views! Oh, and smiles :) There were plenty of those!

No seriously though, check this view out again!

Oh Dubrovnik, you stole our travelling hearts! This city is a great first stop on a tour through Croatia and I beg you to go see it. Great people, chill vibes and as picturesque as can be. But before you visit, take a look at a map of destruction from the Yugoslav Army and you will be astonished at how this community has rallied back from it all. Just incredible.

What's your favorite part about Dubrovnik?

Eat & Drink

Grilled Croatian goodness. Try the anchovies as a starter

Little restaurant tucked away on what else, a staircase :)

Dubravka 1836
Excellent choice for breakfast with views

Great for lunch, pricey but fantastic wine selection. I still dream about it!

Bodega or Cele's
Excellent wine drinking and people watching spot (see map)

Irish Bar Karaka
Dubrovnik's take on Ireland

Buza Bar I and II
There are two...I think we went to Buza I but I could be wrong!


  1. You have to!!! I seriously can't stop going through my pictures. I even stay up searching the places we went to on Pinterest haha!

  2. Amazing!! Your photos are beautiful. I'm so into those stairs as well! I'm going to Croatia September/October but with loose plans... I have a feeling I might end up staying a while!

  3. Gorgeous!!! I LOVE that first picture of the stairs! This makes me want to go so badly!

  4. Yes! It was very similar to Prague except for the endless stairs and the water! But the people were very friendly and there were less people for sure!

  5. Oh just wait until you see the beaches and islands!!

  6. Croatia looks so magical! I bet all of the stairs were quite a workout. I LOVE the rooftop shots!

  7. Oh yes...the stairs were a workout!! And after some wine, it was quite comical!!

  8. I was just thinking, good thing you have been working out- those stairs look intense. I love your pictures and want to visit Croatia even more now. I need to figure out how to get Travis transferred to Europe...

  9. Yeah, they were pretty brutal....especially after wine lol!! I can honestly say, Croatia was the best. You have to go! I'm sure you guys can make it to Europe one day! We are in the process of planning out the next 5 years so that Van can telecommute from the Adriatic :)