A Sail with the Seals | Blakeney Point

I have been wanting to see the seals like for forever. And finally, Mr. Gunter agreed to take me! Blakeney Point is only about an hour and a half drive from Ely, so we hopped in the car Saturday morning and took off for a gorgeous drive through the English countryside. Side note: the countryside is really beautiful. I wish I could capture it for you all. We literally ride in silence just totally wrapped up in the gorgeous scenes.

Upon arrival in Morston, we ate an amazing lunch of seafood at the Anchor Inn before making our way down to the marina to find our seal tour boat. If you are ever in Morston, STOP HERE!

Once we made it to the marina, all we could see was a bunch of boats on mud. Whuuuuutt?? I mean, were we gonna have to push our boat out to sea? I started to feel unprepared as I had worn sparkly flats...not proper mud shoes.

But within about 20 minutes of wandering around the marina, we began to see the water truly rushing in. Within the span of about 30 minutes, all of those mud boats were floating on feet of water! I have never seen a tide come in so fast.

It was finally time to board our tour boat, Temples Boats, and we headed out into the harbor. It was a slow ride out and our guide explained that instead of eroding every year, the point actually grows by huge numbers every year, hence the long ride out to the point. And interestingly, every foot of water we covered in the boat was once an open bay of mud just hours before!

I really had no interest in what the guide was saying.....I just came for the seals man! And when they came into view, I was like a little squealing girl. They were absolutely adorable.

The boat captain took us to two different areas to view the little cuties. These ones below were enjoying the water. And some even swam out and followed us around. They are curious little things. And then of course, two of them were kissing (you may have seen the Instagram I posted. So. Cute.)

No lie. I took about 40 gazillion more pictures of these sweeties. 
I sat with a smile the whole ride back. Those little sea mammals are such heart warmers! Couple the sweet little animals with a day on the water in the sun and you have the perfect British day out!

And now I need I pet seal.

Also, just wanted to let you know, I have a little update on Fit for Life as well! I am a student again yay!!

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  1. Absolutely beautiful photos, and how cut are the seals? Awww! It looks like the absolute perfect day :)

  2. http://www.earthwanderess.comJune 2, 2015 at 12:46 PM

    Looks like such a nice trip!! It's fun how you get used to your own ways. Seals are super common here in Sweden, so seals are nothing special to me, as maybe monkeys are special for me to see, but not for, let's say, Thai people.. :) But I agree, they are super cute!

  3. That is such a cool trip! I've only seen a seal once in the wild but these guys are adorable!

  4. Too cute! They're so rolly polly and happy looking. I also never seem to be wearing the appropriate shoes for any occasion so I would have been right there with you on the battle of sparkly flats vs. mud pit

  5. Gorgeous, adorable, and amazing! What a fun place to go!

  6. Haha nice! I seem to forget that I live in England quite often and always wear the wrong shoes. I guess old habits die hard haha!!

  7. Yes you are so right! Where I am from is coastal but waaayy to hot to ever see any seals. So it was such a treat for me! They seem like very sweet animals :)

  8. It was such a nice day trip for us. The seals were just too precious!

  9. So cute! Seals are awesome! I saw a pup seal a few months ago in Malibu and I wanted to steal him lol