Fall in Montreal

After we moved back to the US from England, I told Van that it would be absolutely necessary to travel back to Europe at least once a year. But knowing that we may possibly be back living in Europe in the future, we decided that we need to explore the hemisphere that we are in! So we chose to make our first country Canada. And I wanted to visit a city as similar to a Euro feel as possible. We settled on Montreal.

Trading Cobblestones for the Beach

Hello from humid Florida!  Oh man, have things changed. I have been completely MIA and probably because I still have not accepted the fact that I am not in England anymore. The beach is great, don't get me wrong....but man do I miss England and my former traveling life. I'm not gonna lie....I can't even get on Bloglovin anymore and it's even hard to look at Instagram. I feel a pain in my heart when I get a glimpse of all of you expat bloggers posting gorgeous street views and European food yummies. I miss everything about it.

Holiday Gift Guide + Giveaway!!

Hello...it's me. Ok, channeling Adele a bit here since I've been major MIA. Moving, moving and moving some more. It's. Cray. And adding fuel to the fire....who else is just now entering the holiday frenzy??? It's been a little hard to get into the holiday spirit as I am trying to adjust to this mild weather. It just doesn't feel like Christmas! My body is patiently awaiting the weeks of blustery, cold weather. But it just ain't happening down here on the Gulf Coast! But alas, it's time to get going on my ever growing Christmas list!

Catching the Sunset at Navarre Beach Pier

Navarre Beach is a very small beach in comparison to it's neighbor beaches such as Destin or Pensacola Beach. It literally only has about 5 or 6 high rise condos and if you have ever been to the Gulf Coast, you know that this can be very rare. I grew up in Mobile, AL and saw the tourist areas of the Gulf Coast grow dramatically. But Navarre has seemed to stay small somehow.

Beach Bum Life

Ahh Florida. I really don't have much to say in words because the pictures do all of the talkin' for me.

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