Repatriation | What I'm Excited About

Well hello there!! Remember me? It's know, I used to be a pretty active blogger, haha!! It's been a hectic few weeks...getting the pups all geared up to make the trip back to the States (more on that later) and just life in general! But now that they are gone and settled, I am hoping to get back into the swing of things. And plan our last few trips in Europe. Sad Face.

But I do have to say. Seeing my little pups back in the US is making me a little excited to be moving back. Plus, Van and I rejoined the world of Facebook and seeing all of my American friends doing American things makes me even more excited. Although I have to say, I am really happy I haven't had Facebook living over here. It's kept me present in my surroundings and I've learned a lot about how to keep in touch with friends and family without that little blue app! Try it sometime....its nice!

So moving back to the States....yes, it's happening whether I want it to or not. But staying with positive vibes, I am really looking forward to a few things. For instance....

Home Shopping
I can't wait to have a handful of my favorite stores just up the road. Pottery Barn, Ballard, Crate and Barrel, NOT JUST IKEA. While I love Ikea and what it offers, I am ready for something different! Ready to settle down with some real furniture again! We haven't bought much here (just IKEA stuff) because we have a size limit to what we can bring back I really can't wait to run wild looking for new things. Watch out Pinterest!!

Clothes Shopping
Style in England. Don't get me started. I feel like I am back in 5th grade again sometimes when I walk into a store on high street. Yes, Cambridge does have a few good stores but I really am very close minded when it comes to shopping. I have my brands and I stick to them. Plus I find a lot of cheaply made things here and I am ready to get back to what I love. But don't get me wrong. I have really learned to not worry about style anymore because let's face it, a trip to Greece is much more important than having the newest handbag from Michael Kors!

But oh man, I can just see me now in the mall.....$$$

Having my own place again
We have been renting since 2011 and I am so over it. While we may rent for a little bit longer when we move back home, we know a house purchase is in our future! I am ready to be able to let my dogs do whatever that want and roam and come inside if they want. I am ready for space! I am ready for closets! It will be so nice to call a place home and know that it will be home for awhile. Although, I am not going to lie, it gave me a lot of anxiety at first.

Automatic Car/Car in general
While I have become a pro at a manual (high five!), I am ready to let my car drive for me again! Well, I am just ready to have a car period. We have one car, and I do drive it sometimes, but Van drives it to work everyday so I am stuck walking everywhere. And it can be a lovely thing, except for when its rainy. Or cold. Whine.

So I have been looking at a few cars and I am excited to be able to hit the road again. Roll down the windows and turn the music up! You don't realise how much you miss it until its gone!

No Conversions 
With money or food. So Van is paid in US Dollars. So handling several different accounts for British bills, American bills, and everything else....I'm done. It's too much work. I learned quickly that I had to stop converting everything in my head when buying things in England. I had to just get over it! But goodness, I can't wait to see a price and know that that's what I am paying!

Oh and metric conversions. The. Worst. Have you ever tried to convert grams and milliliters? Oh and degrees to Celsius? I have a chart in my kitchen but it is just too much math for this girl.

I do get a kick out of British television and they do have a lot of American programs that play. But I can't wait to sit down after dinner and find something that I actually want to watch. No more browsing through Amazon and Netflix, desperately searching for something halfway decent! Although, I will miss Come Dine with Me haha!!

Normal size roads
You should see some of the 'roads' over here. I while probably want to swerve the car from side to side in the American lanes! These tiny little roads can give you a lot of anxiety about driving over here....or riding passenger for that matter!

Air conditioning!!!!!
Self explanatory.

Drive thrus's going to be so nice to drive through a Starbucks. I'm just saying.

It's a peculiar thing, to forget what thunder sounds like. I know Willis has enjoyed the lack of thunder, but I truly miss seeing a storm roll in and settling down to the sounds of rumbling thunder. The weather in England is really mild. It gets a little windy and rainy but that's it. No storm systems, no dramatic weather. While I obviously would not want any damaging weather, a summer storm will be a welcome sound to us.

Football Season
While our new location is not 100% percent confirmed, we are pretty certain about it. And it means we will be under 2 hours away from our favorite place; Auburn. Oh, I can smell the cookouts now! Football season is our favorite time of year and we cannot wait to be back in the action! And in the same time zone! No more staying up until 1am for the game to start. It's gonna rock.

And of course: Family and Friend time
Van and I have lived away from family for a long time. Really, our entire marriage. I can't wait to be there at holidays without having to use vacation. And being there for family dinners, or heading down to my Dad's for the weekend for a little boat action. We are not going to know what to do with ourselves! It's going to be amazing.

Like I said, I am starting to get a little excited but be on the lookout for a sappy "What I am Going to Miss in England" post that will probably take 40 minutes of your time to read! I love love love it here but I know I must begin to look forward and just remember to think of how completely and utterly blessed we are to have had such an amazing opportunity to live as expats. Life. Changing.


  1. Good luck with the move and everything, you have a lot to look forward to!

  2. Oh how I miss all those home stores! And converting everything, it really does get exhausting!

  3. Sending you lots of positive vibes!! The move is hard but there are SO many wonderful things about living in America again!

  4. How exciting! Love the no facebook idea!

  5. Best of luck to yall :) Do you have an idea when you will be leaving?
    I found myself a few months ago doing way too much blog reading. Since I'm so ridiculously behind in my posts, I decided to remove the bloglovin' app - man that freed up my time so much!! I didn't realize how much time I spent reading blogs but I'm so glad I did it.

  6. This has made ME start getting excited to move back and we've still got a year to go! I love your positive perspective on moving back. I hope I'll be as ready as you are when our time comes. :)

    Also, this is probably kind of too late to help you, but there's a free app for making all conversions - ounces to grams, Celsius to Fahrenheit, etc - for your phone. I could never do the math in my head either! Also...Come Dine With Me - ha! That show cracks me up! And thunderstorms...oh my gosh. I miss them terribly, too. The UK, or at least this part it, has the most dull weather of anywhere I've lived. But it has helped me learn to appreciate sunny days more. :)

  7. Like Sarah, you've got me all excited too! I'm headed back to the States in less than two weeks now (not for repatriation, but for first visit home in almost 3 years) and it's safe to say that it's always on my mind lately! Those things you've listed are all really great. Although it's not likely that you relate (living in the UK) but for me, hearing English all around me again is going to be a trip!

  8. I'm listening to a thunderstorm right now as I type! Good luck with your move! Sometimes I feel like Americans, myself included, take these things for granted. And I'm glad your pups made it back safely!

  9. Good luck on everything Jamie!!! So bummed you won't be there in September when I move to Edinburgh :( When exactly do you go back again?

  10. Thanks doll!! Yeah, I know it will be a little tough to transition back but I am getting more and more excited!

  11. Oh my gosh, it really was refreshing! While it was hard to do, it really gave us a big social break...and it was nice!

  12. Yeah, we will be leaving at the end of August :( I am following in your footsteps and removing bloglovin!! Haha..its funny how much time gets taken away from all of our media outlets!

  13. Aw have so much fun and good luck with the wedding!! You will have such an amazing time being back at home!

  14. Oh how nice!! We totally take things for granted in the states! Luckily, (well really not so much 'luck" lol) we lived in the middle of nowhere NM before moving here, so we were used to not having all of the major conveniences. But I am ready for them again!!

  15. Aww, I'm so bummed too!! We leave at the end of August :(

  16. So excited for you!!! Which state will you be heading back to?

  17. I haven't officially announced it yet lol but looks like we will be settling in Atlanta!! Super close to all of our family as our families live in Alabama, Mississippi and Georgia!!

  18. Good luck with the move!! I'm glad you're so positive about it! Now that I've been out of the US for so long, I do appreciate certain things about the US... especially makeup shopping! I cannot believe how expensive makeup is in Asia! And yes, the driving is so tame in the US compared to the rest of the world!

  19. Totally agree about the thunderstorms actually. There was one here last summer in Ireland and everyone freaked out. (bahaha)

  20. You're making me look even more forward to going to back to america in August, I miss all of these things! Except I've gotta say I like how prices in England include the tax and it's what you pay for haha

  21. Haha i bet they were scared! I think I have heard it once here in England!

  22. Yeah, it is nice having the tax included. But seriously...I have my eye on some refrigerators and I am now having dreams about them. I can't wait haha!!

  23. Yeah! I like seeing people excited about moving to become an expat or a repat. Enjoy your last few weeks!

  24. Just trying to stay as positive as possible :)