USA Part 1 | The 'North' South

| Dec 20-27, 2014/Georgia & Mississippi |

We are back from our trip home to the States and we had such an amazing time spent with family and friends! But on the flip side, we are having a super hard time with jet woke up at 5pm yesterday kinda bad. Ugh. But I have had a blast staying up and going through all of these wonderful moments spent with our loved ones. 

The first part of our journey started in Georgia. Van and I flew our first long haul flight together into Atlanta and it was looonng. With the high jet stream winds, our flight took 9.5 hours!! And it turned into a 17 hour travel day for us and we were exhausted by the time we arrived. But soon as we got settled in our rental car, we headed straight to Chick-fila. I have been craving it forever! But sadly, to tell you the truth, it was not as good as I remembered. I think our bodies have adjusted to eating so extremely healthy in England that the fast food just sent our bodies into "what the heck was that" mode!

After the stop to eat, we finally made it to our first stop in Adairsville, Georgia. Uncle Van was the hit of the week to say the least. With Van's brother Bryant deployed to Africa, these little sweet babies were happy to see their daddy's look alike :) And he was happy to love on our sweet little Cheyenne and Zane!

I love this shot of Zane taken by Cheyenne! I think she may turn out to be a little artist!

Zane pooped after all the playing with Uncle Van! Sweet baby...

Van and I snuck away to his Mamaw and Papaw's house on the 23rd to get some special spoiling before the rest of the family came for Christmas Eve. We always enjoy our time with these two special people. And they always cook us some yummy food, special just for us!

And I had to get a shot of the living room....our British friends think our house in Ely is big. I think our entire house could fit in this living room! Maybe twice! Only in America....

While at Mamaw and Papaw's, Van desperately needed to feel American. This was his first trip back to the States since September 2013. So what did he do to feel American? Work on this monstrosity of a vehicle (I was hoping it might have burned in a fire) and play around with his guns.....neither of which we could bring to England. 

Christmas day rolled around and it was a blessing to spend it with our niece and nephew. I just love watching their faces as they open all of their gifts! We were all more than spoiled by 'Santa Claus'....Charla, tell him thank you for me :)

These two: Giving me their model faces. 

Little German girl! Cheyenne in her German hat and scarf set from us.

Santa should have just brought boxes for Zane. That's all he cared about!

Well, I take that back....he cared about the wooden sword that Uncle Van and Aunt Jamie bought him. Wow. How obvious is it that we don't have children?! We bought a 2 year old a sword. LOL.

And how can you get through a Southern Christmas without teaching someone about a scope. Don't's a .22 made to look like a scarier gun. And of course safety is always first!

Finally got the boy to sit still! There may have been a candy bribe involved.....

Christmas in Georgia was a great first week back in the US. Trips to Target and Hobby Lobby, lots of coffee, lots of Southern food, and lots of sweet family moments. What more can you ask for?

After Christmas in Georgia, we headed further south to Mississippi to see the rest of Van's family. We got to see lots of family and had lots of laughs. While the time was short, we so enjoyed it! 

Folks, this is just the first part of our trip. We are so blessed to have been able to spend two full weeks with our families. The second half is coming soon!

Our Christmas was was yours?


  1. Looks like you had a great Christmas! I haven't been stateside since fall 2013 either so Van has me beat now, darn it! Although I don't think my body would ever not want chickfila. Mmm.... chicken biscuits........ x

  2. I'm so glad you got to go back to the US and see your families. Those kids are so sweet!!

    I felt the same as you - almost every time we ate out in Tennessee this summer, I felt sick afterwards. I just don't like that sort of food anymore, even Chickfila! When we go back next summer, I'm just not even going to bother trying to eat at all my favorites again because it's too disappointing!

  3. I am with you! I think that now that I know what actual food tastes like I can't go back to normal American food! I was shocked at the way my body rejected the bad foods....

  4. Here is to hoping you get to return home soon :) I was so sad and disappointed in my Chickfila :( I guess my body just knows what real food is now and doesn't want the yucky stuff!!

  5. A Larrymobile! Woohoo!

  6. Glad to see that you have enjoyed your Christmas Break and no doubt, the full experience of "being home". Although you mentioned the expectations of your trip to Chickfila was possibly undermined by your heathy eating in the UK. Unfortunately, our reputation still precedes us as far as food is concerned! In fact, in two American films shown on TV here over Christmas, both had one of the characters warning another, of how bad the food is in England. I do not know if it was the same screenwriter for both films, expressing his opinion. Unfortunately, "Bland and Boring", is I believe the popular international misconception of our food.

    As for that living room photo, wow! What a room, with your own cathedral ceiling to gaze up at. I appreciate that the forced perspective of the photograph probably makes it look taller than it is, but even so it's very impressive. Do they have tower scaffolding stored in the garage for when they need to change a lightbulb, or paint the ceiling! Lol.

    Then again, an article in "The Telegraph" newspaper in June 2014; confirmed that British new build house have the smallest area of floor space than any other country in Europe, and knowing our luck, ours are probably the most expensive as well. So everything looks big and roomy to us, unfortunately!

    Your Blog continues to grow and impress with each post and I am sure many of those following you, are enjoying living vicariously through the superb narrative and photos that document and illustrate your travels and adventures. I know I am! I look forward to wherever 2015 takes you and the evocative way that you share the experiences with us.

    As a final thought, jet lag permitting, a "heads up" on some TV for tonight. At 9.00 p.m this evening on channel 4, the start of a new series of: "The Undatables". Which I know you enjoyed, from one of your earlier posts last year when you saw the first series." A Happy New Year to you both and safe travels wherever you go.

  7. The photos of your niece and nephew are so cute! How nice that you got to spend the holidays at home with family!

  8. How could Chick-fil-a ever be bad?! :(((( Looks like you had a wonderful time at home! xo

  9. You had me at Target! Yay for a holiday spent back home! Glad you had a safe trip Jamie!

  10. Omg I was so disappointed myself!! It may be different for you though coming from Australia! The food here in England, well the food we eat, is pretty much preservative free and Chickfila gave me the worst headache. It could have been the diet lemonade that did though....who knows! I didn't get to eat any mexican while we were down and I am kicking myself now....where was my head at?!?!? Have fun in the states! And if it makes you feel any better I gained 3 :)

  11. It was so wonderful....the last time we saw my nephew was two Christmases ago so he had changed so much! We had a blast :)

  12. Hi Patricia! While British food did seem a little bland at first, I think it was our preservative laden taste buds getting used to eating 'real' food! I love the food here. My husband and I both feel better by eating the food here and the American food made us sick!

    Thanks for the update on the Undateables.....I have been waiting to see when the next season was coming out. I will have to catch up on it today!

    Thanks for the feedback on the blog and thanks for following along :) Happy New Year!

  13. Girl I was in heaven in Target!! Of course I couldn't fit the whole store in my suitcase :( But I did pick up a few goodies!!

  14. Wasn't it crazy? What surprised me was the headaches after I ate something bad. Glad you had a great Christmas as well!!

  15. I'm surprised the Larrymobile didn't run out of batteries! It was a hit :)