Sail Away from Mykonos

While visiting any Greek island, you must take a sailing cruise! It such a fun way to spend to day. We chose to take a cruise while visiting Mykonos and we were not disappointed. We sailed off from Tourlos, the new port, with a crew of two and 8 other people. We had a nice little group with a couple from London, two girls from the US and two other couples who I believe were Italian or Greek (sometimes the languages sound very similar). We were all similar in age and it made for a fun trip. 

On the way to find our deserted beach cove, we passed the islands Delos and Rhenia. Both are filled with ancient ruins. We could see the ruins of the Temple of Apollo, the sun god, on Delos. Delos was a major island back in ancient times and was filled with people. Rhenia is actually an ancient burial ground for the warriors of Delos and is apparently haunted. Well, this girl could have cared less about ghosts on this beach! It was beautiful. The water was amazing and refreshing and we spent some time snorkeling around the rocks. Afterwards, we were served a delicious pasta lunch and sun bathed on the deck! 

Enjoy the gorgeous scenery from our sailing trip in Mykonos!

Ahhhh, the good life :)

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  1. Ahhh you look so relaxed and happy. I had lunch with a friend who just got back from Greece today and she was on cloud 9! x

  2. aw you look like you're enjoying yourself so much! I'd love to go yachting and I think Greece would be so perfect for that!

  3. This is gorgeous, thanks for sharing!

    1. Maybe my next Greece pictures will have you in them :)