Our Super Short Stay in Athens

Well, I am still going through our Greece photos! And today I'm bringing you a few shots from our brief stay in Athens. Had I known Athens was incredibly cool I would have booked us a longer stay! We only planned to stay one night and unfortunately, our ferry ride from Santorini to Athens was late due to high seas. Side note: this was one of the most terrifying experiences...and I thought I hated flying! Try riding on a massive high speed ferry in high seas...not cool.So needless to say, when we arrived in Athens we were exhausted, in need of a beverage, and short on time.

On our initial drive into Athens, the city didn't look too great. First of all, there is a huge amount of graffiti in Athens. And not really the pretty kind that you want to take pictures of. It makes the city look a little rundown and dingy. But having travelled to a few countries, I am becoming accustomed to the graffiti and it doesn't necessarily mean that you are in a dirty or scary place. You also are able to see a few of the abandoned Olympic structures from 2004 on your way in from the port. In my opinion, the drive into town could possible turn some people off to Athens, so just keep an open mind!

We were taken to our sweet hotel, New Hotel, by cab from the ferry port. We were staying near the town center, in the Plaka area, which was a great location for a base in Athens. I would wholeheartedly recommend this hotel! Here are just a few shots of the place.

We settled in to our room, freshened up, and headed out for dinner and drinks. I chose Athens Beer, just a short stroll away, for our dinner and it was a fab choice. Great music, a massive list of beers (hence the name), and Greek style pub food. Oh, and the waiters were super friendly. We obviously enjoyed ourselves at Athens Beer.....

After dinner, we headed over a few streets after being directed by our waiter to the nightlife area. On Kolokotroni street the bar scene was busy. But it wasn't really a party feel. The bars were super cool....small, cozy, and great atmosphere. We stopped in at Seven Jokers and it felt like we stepped into a movie. It was the weirdest and coolest bar I have ever been in. There were many others up and down the street that looked amazing as well. Just take my word for it and head over to this street!

I love a little snack with drinks :)
After Seven Jokers however, we were tired and headed back to the hotel, which included a detour to the Syntagma Square water fountain. Oh, my husband.

The next morning we realized we wouldn't have time to make it to the Acropolis (which means we MUST return to Athens eventually) so we just took a short stroll down the street to check out Hadrian's Arch and Temple of Zeus, or what's left of it. Seriously, who doesn't go to the Acropolis when they go to Athens?!

From our short stay in Athens, we still were able to determine that this is one place we need to return to.....if only just to go to the rest of the Roman ruins! I really felt like our Greek Islands trip was planned perfectly, up until our time was shortened in Athens. But just like the rest of our Greek adventure, the people of Athens were super friendly, the food was delicious and we felt completely at ease.

Have you been to Athens? 

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  1. I really want to go to Athens - all the history! I love the look of the hotel you stayed in! x

  2. I absolutely love Athens but for me it was the opposite - I felt like I spent too much time in Athens and not enough in the islands. :(

  3. I heard the islands were so wonderful - but Athens must also be filled with gorgeous sights and history!

  4. Hi Jamie! We went to Athens a few years ago. I couldn't agree more. We thought it was filthy. But the history is so worth it. I loved seeing the Acropolis up close.

    Did you guys find it insanely expensive too?! 11 Euros for a local beer at our hotel!!!



  5. Yes, our hotel drinks were super expensive.....but when we ventured out, prices were back to normal!

  6. The islands were wonderful! Definitely better than Athens, but Athens is so worth the trip!

  7. I think if I would have had a full day to explore Athens, I would have been satisfied. I'm glad I didn't cut our island days short for Athens though.....the islands were sooooo amazing!

  8. The history is pretty amazing! I was super happy to find that hotel.....it was one of the coolest!

  9. I really like hearing how long people recommend staying in places, so I'm glad you mentioned you wished you'd stayed longer! We needed a little more time in Seville this summer, but I think everyone could always use more time in Spain! :)

  10. Ah Spain! Loved it there as well! Yeah, I would have so enjoyed just a little extra time in Athens...it was just really interesting and of course, the food, I still dream about it!!

  11. I agree, when we first arrived in Athens the graffiti everywhere had me concerned and I was worried our two days in the city would be far to long. So glad we had that extra time because I loved the area!

  12. Athens is on my list of to-dos. I can't wait to get there one day!

  13. Did yall go out at night? I mean we had a blast! The bars around us were super cool!

  14. Like you we were only in Athens on a long layover coming from Corfu. We did make a quick trip up the Acropolis and walked some of the shopping streets.
    Athens is an interesting city, but I called it the concrete jungle!! Being up above the city, you could just hear this hum of cars and see the pollution. Still, I'd like to go back and see it fully. I was there the same summer of the Olympics, just before, so it was a LONG time ago!