Greece = Amazing

One of my favorite things to do after returning from a trip is to create a new graphic for my Travels page depicting the country that we have just visited. Making this Greece graphic fills my heart with happiness. I know I say it about a lot of places, but Greece is my favorite. This past week was one of the best weeks of my life. I still can't believe that I was able to experience the things that we did! Greece will be a country that Van and I will long for for years to come.

I took a gazillion photos during our trip and probably a good 100 just of the sunsets! So I will be posting about Greece a lot and will be doing so with a smile. And I have also decided that I absolutely cannot live without Greek food, so I am going to be putting together some recipes as well over the next few weeks to help keep Greece alive on my blog!

Just a little random recap of our experiences in Greece:

Flew out of Terminal 2 in Heathrow, which is now my all time favourite terminal!! Have you seen it? So pretty....maybe I'm just so used to the smaller London airports, but the Queen's Terminal is FANCY!!

*Flew Aegean Airlines and marveled at the gorgeous flight attendants....I think there must be a beauty requirement to their job description!!

Watched the sunset in Mykonos as we landed...super cool

*Sailed past Delos, which is an island near Mykonos that holds the ruins of the Temple of Apollo

Sun bathed and snorkeled on a deserted island

Took the highspeed ferry to Santorini and back to Athens

Watched 3 amazing sunsets in Santorini

Ventured around Santorini on our trusty ATV- A MUST while in Santorini

Realized that Athens is a super cool place and we messed up by not planning an extra night there!

Had our last Greek meal at 30000 feet in Aegean Business Class. Ahhhhhh :)
And speaking of food....OMG Greek food is my heaven. I have done nothing but crave tzatziki and everything else delicious since we returned. I will definitely be putting my kitchen skills to work and recreate a few dishes that we devoured in Greece.

Sounds amazing right? So get ready for the oversharing of Greek love over the next few weeks :)


  1. Gah! I am so jealous of this holiday! Can't wait to read more! X

  2. I'm still thinking like wow....did last week really happen?!? I can't wait to share the rest :)

  3. Greece is amazing, this were my feelings as well when we visited. It is a country I want to return to again and again, and the food, so good!

  4. Oh woww! what a wonderful trip! Topped off with business class, that's so perfect!

  5. Do you think it's too soon to start planning the next trip?!?! Haha I guess I need to make it to Croatia first :)

  6. Yep we got a little lucky on that one ;) it was the icing on the cake though!!

  7. Oh your trip seems an absolute dream!

  8. It sounds like a dream trip! All those amazing beach views and sunsets and landscapes, all that amazing food like you said! Sounds like you had a blast! I look forward to hearing more!

  9. The food was just totally amazing!! It was a dream trip.....still doesn't seem real!

  10. Sounds like such a great trip! Greece is so amazing!