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First of all, how cute is that graphic???

I have to admit, I am not always the most stylish or put-together person. I sometimes envy those who can be so creative and on trend with their style! I am one of those people who dresses simply, usually in neutrals, but I do always look for an added pop or detail to keep my look from being so boring! I love simple jewelry pieces to accompany my looks and occasionally will go for a bold piece to brighten an outfit. So needless to say, I look for pieces that will last me a long time!

Enter chloe + isabel. You may have heard of this brand before! Only sold by individual merchandisers, it has become a hit. With fabulous pieces that are priced well below what you would find in your local boutique and have a lifetime guarantee! I have a dear friend Marissa, whom I met in New Mexico, who is a merchandiser and luckily so because I have ordered some great pieces from her. She contacted me recently to curate a collection inspired by my travels and I jumped at the chance! I love that their jewelry is inspired by French style, a sort of "Provence meets Paris take of French country chic". You can find everything you need from the delicate pieces to the bold and colorful pieces that make a statement with any outfit. I love gold pieces and I could snatch up every piece they have!


Just a few of the pieces in my collection

I love my dainty feather necklace...never took it off in Greece!
I chose all of my favorites. And by favorites I mean pieces that I can imagine wearing anywhere I go! Like I said, I choose jewelry to last me a lifetime and luckily chloe + isabel offers a lifetime replacement guarantee on all of their pieces! I recently purchased the vest below for fall and these pieces would be gorgeous with my outfit! I can see myself in Prague in these beauties!

So why not take a gander and let me know what you think of my collection! Can you see yourself travelling with these gorgeous pieces? Click the Gunters Abroad Collection icon above or head over to the site here. All jewelry is shipped directly to your home if you live in the States. If you live abroad and see something that you absolutely must have (like I have!) comment or email me and we will figure it out!

I will be keeping the curated collection icon on my sidebar for a few weeks also if you want to check it out later! Happy Saturday friends!



  1. Such beautiful pieces - so cool that you got to curate a collection!

  2. Beautiful! I LOVE every single pieces! I love how there really is something for everyone - I feel differently about jewellery depending on the day or the outfit I'm wearing. Somedays I love dainty little rings or earrings and other days I just love a huge statement necklace! I have a thing for rings - I feel naked without at least one - and every single ring included in your collection would probably fit perfectly on my finger ;)

  3. Oh these are all so beautiful!! How fun to curate a collection!!! I continually surprise myself in the jewelry department. Last year all I wanted to wear was statement pieces and lately I've been reaching for dainty things. Maybe it's because Asian fashion tends to be more subtle. Who knows!