Beaches of Santorini

If you are looking for a variety of beaches, Santorini has it all. I was given excellent advice from a fellow blogger Debbie (at Buisson International, check out her blog-amazing travels!) to rent an ATV to explore the island. And we did just that. We rented an ATV for two days and were able to explore much of the island. There are several beaches around the island and they are categorized into two groups; Organized or Unorganized, meaning one has chairs and restaurants and the other does not. 

We chose to visit the Red Beach and Perissa Beach while in Santorini. And they were both very interesting! Totally unlike the white sandier beaches in Mykonos

Red Beach

We took the ATV down to Red Beach on our first day of renting it. We had explored Oia that morning and were ready to get in the water because it was hot! Luckily, there is a constant breeze on the island but the sun is the real deal! When we arrived at what we thought was going to be the beach, we realized that we had to park and walk aways to get to the actual beach. It was a little rocky...nothing to terrible but doing it in flip-flops can be a little tricky!

Once we were able to see the beach, we realized that is was really small. And red! The rock that forms the beach looks like something from another planet! So we made are way down to find a spot to lay our towels. It was really windy that day on the beach and the little sand pebbles were swirling around and getting all over our towels. The reddish-black sand looked like dirt and it made me feel like I needed to shower off! We got in the water after realizing that laying out at this beach was pretty much impossible on a windy day. The water was lovely but we didn't stay in for too long. And once we got out, well the black stand just stuck to us even more. Boo.

Walking back from Red Beach with wet feet in flip flops is not really enjoyable but we made it. Red Beach was not my favorite but I am happy that we went to see what it was all about. Definitely an interesting sight and one not to be missed!

Perissa Beach

Now Perissa Beach was my kind of beach. It reminded me a lot of Paradise Beach in Mykonos except with black sand! Perissa Beach is kind of connected with two other beaches, Agios Georgios and Perivolos so you could easily spend an entire day (or days) here and soak in the sun. Around Perissa Beach, there are throngs of shops and restaurants. It has a very chill atmosphere and we really enjoyed it. We drove up and down the strip looking for a perfect spot to relax for the day.

Make sure you bring shoes to Perissa Beach....the black sand is extremely hot! Also, getting into the water is a little tricky. I will try to explain. The black pebbles lead all the way up to the water line where the waves come in. But as soon as you take a step into the water the ground becomes like a flat slippery rock. It's the wildest thing (and hard to explain)! But it was quite comical watching newcomers lose their balance when walking onto the unknowingly slippery surface!

Renting an ATV is definitely a must while in Santorini! It was such a fun and private way to explore the island without costing too much money! And it makes things super easy to get back to those gorgeous Santorini sunsets.

Hope you enjoyed a little glimpse into beach life in Santorini!
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  1. We stayed right in front of the Perissa Beach and you are right, that sand gets so hot! I thought the Red beach was beautiful but we didn't spend anytime on the actually beach, just went to take in the view. Renting an ATV really is a must when visiting the Greek islands!

  2. Beautiful! That red beach is sooo exotic, wowwy.

  3. Oh cool! I loved all of the little restaurants down by Perissa!

  4. That black sand is fascinating! Perissa Beach looks like a winner!

  5. these beaches are gorgeous! I would love to spend some time on Red Beach!

  6. Oh hey! Thanks for the shout out!! :) Totally difficult to explain the bottom of Perissa waters, right? So glad y'all enjoyed the ATV's :)