Staying Healthy on the Go!

This post was first published on Friday, August 15, 2014 on Fit for Life by yours truly. As if my 90 Day Fitness Challenge isn't hard enough, I planned a week long holiday right in the middle of it! Let's hope I'm sticking to my tips this week in Greece!!

Staying Fit while Travelling

Today I am bringing you some tips on how to stay focused on your health and fitness while traveling. It IS possible! I think that a common misconception is that we most likely will always pack on a few pounds while we are on vacation or travelling. I have been that girl....eating like there is no tomorrow just because we are on vacation! I believe in indulging while on holiday, but it is certainly not an excuse to go buck wild!

Living in England, it has certainly hasn't been easy to stay on track. We have travelled to many amazing places and they all have absolutely incredible food and drink. Even just living in England I am always tempted to have a delicious pint every time we go out for dinner (or lunch sometimes!) So I always make sure I have a fitness plan before travelling. I always strive to plan one activity a day, whether it be working out in a gym, or finding a hiking trail, just as long as I have at least some form of activity with moderate intensity a day.

1. Hotel Gyms/Area Gyms
When researching hotels for your travel location, check to see if they have a hotel gym. If so, the gym usually has a some key exercise equipment that can keep you on track for your holiday. Cardio machines such as treadmills, elliptical and stair climbers can help give a nice work out to get your heart pumping and calories burning. It's a good idea to get a 20-30 minute cardio boost. If the gym has other equipment great! Find a nice circuit workout plan and get to it in your hotel gym. If your hotel does not have a gym, look up local gyms in the area and check to see if they have a day pass! And if either of those options are unavailable, find a circuit workout on pinterest that can be done in your own hotel room!

I've used this one before!!

2. Local Hikes/Fitness Trails
This is my favorite part of planning a trip. Finding a local path or street to get a good run in. Or even a hike. One of my favorite websites/apps is On this website, I can create my own route to run and calculate how far the journey is. If you do your research, you will more than likely find some great walking or hiking trails. And who knows, it could turn out to be your favorite part of the trip! One of my favorites of all time has been Penon de Ifach in Calpe, Spain. Boy I wish I would have had a fitbit on that day! I worked my butt off! My legs were shaking for hours after this hike (although, I quite certain about 50% of the shaking was due to nerves!)

Skip the taxi or tram and get those legs moving! Especially after meals. We all tend to overindulge on holiday but the best way to help with this is to take a walk! As an American, I am not always used to walking everywhere. But I love love love going for a walk after a meal. It makes my body feel balanced. I encourage you to skip the taxi and take a walk....who knows, you may find make an unforgettable travel moment along the way or see some gorgeous scenery that you might not have seen otherwise!

4. MyFitnessPal
MyFitnessPal app tracks your food intake and exercise for the day. While this can be hard to input each meal while travelling, at least give it a try and you can somewhat keep up with what you are consuming. If anything, maybe just make a mental note.

5. Bring your supplements
Ahhhh, this is why I love Zeal! The handy dandy bottles to throw in my suitcase. First of all, I can't live without my Zeal! I even pack a few in my carry on just in case my luggage gets lost. If protein shakes are a part of your diet, bring a few along. I think that the most important reason for me to bring my supplements along is so that I have an extra source of fiber. It can be hard to get your daily 20-25 grams of fiber while travelling and fiber is so important for your digestive system and overall health.

6. Moderation
And this is the biggie! Moderation. Yes, order that cheese covered ooey gooey something. But maybe share it with your travelling partner. Yes, order the amazing delicacies from the street vendor but don't eat everything on the menu! Yes, order that gorgeous looking cocktail....but don't drink 5 of them! While travelling on holiday, don't restrict yourself from the tastes of the destination. But don't go overboard!

How do you keep on track with your health and fitness goals while travelling?


  1. We walk almost everywhere when traveling and if it is possible I love starting my day off with a early morning run, lets me explore new places and get some exercise in. Great tips!

  2. I find this SO hard when travelling. I think what keeps me relatively healthy is all the walking I do when I travel. I failed miserably at this in Morocco though, because even though I walked a lot, they serve SO MUCH bread with everything and I just couldn't resist

  3. Greece was the same way....bread with everything!! I even had to argue with a waiter about not taking the bread LOL! Walking helps a lot though!

  4. I love taking a run in new places! You are right....such a good way to see things and get a little cardio in :)