Soaking it all in

I've been getting so excited about our upcoming Greece trip. The beach always does my soul good and relaxing on a Greek island is a definite bucket list item for us. But as I am sitting here waiting for the days to pass to get to Greece, I am acutely aware that a week probably won't be enough time in Greece. The thrill of the trip will quickly pass and we will be back to searching for our next big adventure.

We are both very lucky to be able to go on all of these travels. This will actually be our 3rd week long holiday this year plus the many long weekend trips along the way. Yet my wanderlust still continues. My Bucket List continues to grow. I want to see all of the beauty that the world has to offer. I keep asking myself, at what point will it be enough? Or is that a stupid question to ask? I look back on the memories made and trips taken this year and it is all so much! Much more than I ever could have dreamed!

And then I ask myself, am I making the most of each visit? Am I soaking every bit of it in? I think for the most part I do but for our upcoming travels, I am planning on making this a priority. Really being present and soaking in every bit of Greece. Really taking into account just how special it is. And how blessed we are to be making these memories.

So what is it about travel that keeps us wanting more? Is it the thrill of choosing a destination and pressing the submit button for our tickets? Is it our longing for change and newness? I am finally starting to figure out what attracts me to travelling around the world. I think, for me, it is just the experience in itself. Whether good or bad. My eyes have been opened to a world previously unknown. With different cultures, customs, tastes, ways of life. I love to maybe that's my obsession with travelling? And then I wonder why some people don't like the thought of exploring the world.....

Why do you travel?

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  1. I cannot say I love just one aspect of travel. I love the anticipation: talking about a destination, researching plane tickets and reading guidebooks/blogs. I love the excitement of getting there: trains, taxis, buses, airplanes and sometimes boats. I love the sensory overload of being somewhere new: language, food, clothing, architecture and every other element of culture.

    But I know what means something more to me than any of those things, and that's having my eyes opened more and more to the diversity on this planet. It's easy to think that we live in a superior country/region with a superior lifestyle. I think it's so important to understand that there are so many varied and beautiful cultures out there and none are better or worse (except a very few) than the rest.

  2. I totally agree with you! I am so thankful to experience such diversity everywhere we go! It is true, that growing up in the US we forget about other cultures and countries and don't reach out to learn more.

  3. I think with every single trip, the hunger to see more is fed and grows larger! Gotta love the ample European holiday allowance :)

  4. Great post! I love planning travels but I hate the anticipation, I just want to get it over with and leave already ha! And I agree with you, the more I travel the more my bucket list grows, I just always have a feeling that i want to discover more and more opportunities open up in front of me!