English Heritage Pass Updates...it's good..I promise!

So guess who was chosen to be one of this year's 50 VIP English Heritage Panelists??? This girl!! I couldn't believe it when I got the email. I applied on a whim, filling out the application questions thinking, 'this would be pretty cool...but I have NO chance!' Well, I was wrong! I got the email on Monday and was asked to choose my top special events that I would like to attend for review. Woohoo!!

Last year, English Heritage recruited 50 members to be a part of their VIP English Heritage Members Panel. The panelists are sent off to special English Heritage events to review and share their experiences from properties all across the country. It was so successful last year that they decided to recruit panelists again for this year. I saw the application announcement on Twitter and decided to apply just for the heck of it. And guess what happy little email I received on Monday? An invitation to be a panelist member!! I am beyond thrilled and can't wait to see whats in store!

With all of that fun news, I thought I would give an update on just how we have been using our passes. I wrote a post awhile back on how much use we had gotten out of the passes in just a few short months but we have added to that list since then!

We purchased our yearly passes in October 2013 for £84. And here is the updated list :)

Free Entry

Saved £12

Saved £14

Saved £28

Saved £3

Saved £39

Total Saved :  £96

With an English Heritage Membership, you also receive discounted tickets to properties all across the Kingdom.

Discounted Entries:

Saved £6.75

Saved £6.75

Saved £4

Saved £5.80 (tickets good for a year)

Saved £16

Total Discounts:  £39.30

Grand Total Saved:  £51.30 

And we still have 2 more months worth of exploring to do! Oh, and a VIP event :)

If you would like to see the posts from all of these adventures, head on over to the Travels tab at the top and scroll through the countries! 


What's your favorite English Heritage property?


  1. That is so awesome! Congrats. :) I haven't been to near the English Heritage properties that you have, but my favorites so far are Avebury and Dover Castle.

  2. I love those cards - I have the Scottish counter part of it! Definitely worth it, especially for skipping lines and such ;) So cool that you'll be a panelist!!

  3. Damn, that is a good deal!! Big congrats to you! :)

  4. Wasn't Avebury cool? I loved being able to walk right up to the stones!

  5. I think the cards are so worth it! Plus it gets you out visting places that you might not have thought of!

  6. Thats some pretty awesome savings! And hurray for being picked! x

  7. So happy to have stumbled across your blog! Incredibly jealous - I LOVE my English heritage membership. Kenwood House in Hampstead is a favorite and I really want to get down to Eltham Palace before the end of the summer for a visit. Can't wait to start exploring further afield as well!

  8. Congratulations! That is so cool!

  9. Welcome :) Ooh I will have to check those out!!