Stay in the UK! Reasons why you never need to leave the UK on holiday.....

I am a huge lover of travel. I love experiencing other cultures and countries and seeing new things. But some times the hustle and stress of flying off to other countries can put a damper on travelling outside of the UK. But fear not, the United Kingdom has everything you need to be able to stay on holiday just down the road. From the beautiful beaches, to the gorgeous landscapes, you would be surprised to see that the UK has just about everything you are looking for when planning your perfect holiday. And my friends at Parkdean most definitely share this love for these gorgeous locations throughout the UK. With holiday parks throughout the country, you are able to experience the most beautiful locations in the UK without the hassles of travel. 

I recently took a quiz, hosted by Parkdean, that had me guess which gorgeous landscapes were in the UK. I was astonished to see that some of these beautiful landscapes were right here in the UK. As a newcomer to the UK, I am quite often overwhelmed by the natural beauty of the country, but these locations simply made my mouth open wide. And I have now added a large amount of locations to visit to my list from right here in the UK!

Take a look at some of these locations, and also see how many people believed that these scenes were from another country.

Can't you just imagine watching the sun from this beach? This spot looks like a photographers dream!

This photo of the Scottish coast is exactly what I am hoping to see this weekend on our first trip to Scotland. Just a short drive up through England and we will be in some of the most beautiful country in the world!

Penzance looks like Spain my friends!

Aren't these locations stunning? And all within a drive or train ride from anywhere in the UK. This is what I love most about living in England. No matter how many countries we travel away to see, I am always happy to come back to my host country, with its gorgeous green landscape and the thought that I have everything that could ever want to see right here. 

If you would like to take a chance on the quiz yourself, head on over to Parkdean (link here) and try for yourself! I scored a 427. Can you outscore me? Give it a try :)

Where are your favorite locations in the UK?


  1. Love love love Scotland - I use to go there yearly for our family summer holidays, also love the lake district and Northumberland. Gorgeous scenery in those parts.

  2. The UK is stunning and I too tend to be one of those people that travels everywhere except their own country. Those beaches look amazing and as long as the weather holds out would be just as amazing as anywhere in the mediterranean.

  3. I got 468, cant wait to go back to visit the UK, i miss it soo much! Will take me a while to go everywhere i have on my list though.
    Australia is pretty fantastic though and i dont miss the drizzle or the cold!