Out and about in our lovely English garden

First I have to start by saying that this is the most pleasant summer of my lifetime. Temperatures have only risen to about 80 degrees F and I have even worn a cardigan a few days in June! How will I ever live without a British summer. I can't believe my eyes when I look at the forecast and see 48F as the overnight low. It's quite easy to see that I am super in love with England!

I never want this summer to end!

My garden has somehow survived the trauma that is Willis and Bruno. I have had lovely little flowers bloom all through the spring and summer and it makes me so happy! The owners of our home have done a great job with planting for the seasons. I was surprised to see a whole new round of blooms after my spring blooms died off.

So here is a little glimpse into the Gunter garden. These pictures are from the Spring and Summer.

Bruno in front of our massive rosemary bush

And I even bring a little bit of the beautiful garden in for my girl.

Happy Friday and Happy 4th of July!!


  1. Those temperatures sound perfect. And how nice having a garden to enjoy, I am so happy we have a yard here as well.

  2. Your garden is so pretty! I love the little gnome!

  3. Bruno does not look that impressed by the gardens, to be honest ;)

  4. Yeah, Bruno isn't too fond of me making him sit still for a picture haha!!

  5. Aww thanks! Gnomes make a garden complete :)