Back from the States!!

Well, I'm back on British soil with my handsome husband and my two precious pups! What a journey. I took almost zero photos but was able to pack in a whole lot during my trip. Actually, the only photos that I took were at my grandfather's funeral. My grandfather passed away after a long battle with prostate cancer and was given full military honors having served in the US Army for 26 years. He will be missed dearly. He was such a wonderful person and never made an enemy. And the attendance at his funeral reflected just that. The church was packed full of people who loved him and we were able to celebrate his wonderful life amidst the tears. I feel so blessed to have been able to be there with my family and sincerely appreciate the kind words from my blog readers! 

I was able to pack in a ton of things while in the's a brief recap:
- LOTS OF MEXICAN FOOD- seriously, I probably ate at 6 different Mexican restaurants. YUM.
- Got to spend time with one of my most favorite people in the world. BFF Timika!! Miss you already girl! I am so blessed to call this chick my friend :)

- Spent lots of quality time with my Mom and Gam. We had such a good time despite the circumstances. Laughs, tears, irritation (haha) was all good. The time went by WAY too fast. I miss them both but they better be getting their hineys over to the UK soon!!
Mom and I selfying it up!
- Waffle of my most beautiful meals while in the states
- Let's just face it, it was ALL about the food. I had Panera, Waffle House, assorted Mexican. Blue Fish sushi in Dallas, McAllister's, and Olive Garden. It was heaven. I gained a couple lbs. but oh well, it was worth it! I still have dreams about my Waffle House hashbrowns and cheese eggs.
- I got to attend a Zeal for Life meeting and I am even more excited about it opening in the UK this month!! It's going to be amazing!
- And to top it all off.....I got to fly First Class on the way home. And OMG. It was absolutely incredible. I mean did I really even fly here? I felt like I was in a fancy restaurant/hotel for a few hours. How will I ever fly with the "regular" people again?? Haha! Who am I kidding :)

I have soooo many posts to bring you that are from what seems like ages ago. Some as far back as our Spain trip. The past month has just been so crazy busy....from the loss of my cat, to Spain, a visit from my Dad, and then a trip to the States! So I have much to catch up on with the blog. But June is going to be a chill month at the Gunter household so I can give my little neglected blog some attention! So stay tuned :)



  1. My returns home are always all about the food and my family!!
    Also, my condolences about you grandfather!

    1. Thanks :) The food was just amazing! And it wasn't even anything really special.....just all those things that I crave because I can't have them in England :)

  2. I'm really sorry to hear about your grandfather. :( Big hugs.

    How you spent your time back in the States is exactly how I intend to do it when we go back next month. It's all going to be about the food...and maybe a little bit of family. :) I'm leaving the camera at home and just enjoying the trip. Lovely picture of you and your mom, by the way!

    1. Girl...I was in heaven! Margaritas and salsa....made my day :) Also, yes, it was so nice to just leave my camera alone! It was so nice to just spend time with the fam.