Intercontinental Mar Menor

After spending some time in Cartegena, we headed towards our hotel, which was a golf resort, located near Mar Menor. We chose to stay at the Intercontinental Mar Menor Resort and booked through a golf holiday website. When we pulled up to the gate (which was directly across from a huge field of orange trees) I knew I would love this place. We drove down a street full of bright Spanish villas and arrived and the hotel. I wanted to cry it was so beautiful.....and I eventually did but I saved Van the embarrassment and waited until we got to our room :) 

Seriously though, after the day of traveling and the deep sadness I was feeling the bright colors and amazing surroundings made me feel like I could relax and just heal. We decided to get freshened up and head down to the pool for a pint. But first, we had to bug the reception four million times! It became quite comical when Van would call down to ask how to turn something on and they would answer the phone "Yes, Mr. Gunter?". They were too sweet though. 

Miraculously freshened up and enjoying the bright surroundings
There were flowers everywhere. And remember, this is a golf resort and golf courses are gorgeous anyway. But the grounds were just fabulous. The resort consisted of the main hotel, a section of condominiums called "The Residences" and then 100s of private villas.

I'm pretty sure our room was the standard room but it seemed massive compared to the normal European hotels that we are used to staying in. It was so peaceful and both the shower and jacuzzi tub had views to the outside. You better believe I spent some time in the tub, soaking in the sunshine. 

We had a nice little balcony and I enjoyed several sunrises from here. Mostly just thinking about my girl and thanking God for the peace in the sunrise. It's not very common for pet owners to be able to experience what I was able to experience after the loss of a loved pet and I will be forever grateful for my circumstances.

The hotel was listed as a 5 star and I would say it lived up to its star listing. The resort had about 5 different restaurant choices for dinner and the buffet breakfast was perfect and very calm. The views from the hotel, the decor and the staff made our stay very relaxing and completely enjoyable. We even were given a free spot in the Spa Circuit which was crazy cool. These are pictures from the website and normally I never rely on website pictures. But these pictures actually don't even do it justice. Van and I felt like royalty :)

source for all above photos
I wish it would have been proper for me to take my camera into the spa but it's not haha!! It was so cool to go from the whirlpool to the steam room. Then to the ice fountain to the sauna. And then to the aromatherapy tropical rainfall shower. Oh and don't forget the relaxation room where you cozy up on a bed under a blanket with some tea and relax after your spa circuit. Um.....can we say posh????

The outdoor pool was too cold when we visited but the indoor pool was amazing. Tiled and gorgeous like the photos above. Van and I brought a few beverages down to the indoor pool and played kid games like who could hold their breath the longest. We are pretty cool cats...

Just a short drive away is the Mar Menor, which means "small sea" and is basically a bay with a small strip of oceanfront protecting the bay. We went and ventured around the beach and it was stunning. 

Is this real life? 

I could have just stayed on this beach all day....there was hardly a soul in sight and the water was so calm. We grabbed a few beers at a restaurant on the bay and watched kids play on their sail boards (or whatever they're called) after a walk on the beach. I love going to restaurants in non-English speaking countries and they only play English music. It rocks... 

The hotel was amazing and I loved every minute of our stay there. The days and the nights were both perfect.

Can you see why we did not want to leave?? It was amazing and we WILL be back. I have no complaints.

Have you found an amazing hotel in Europe? I would love to hear about it!!



  1. How beautiful! I'm super jealous, that looks amazing!

    1. It was soooo amazing...I want to be back, like yesterday!

  2. So beautiful, always nice when you get to stay in awesome hotel rooms!

  3. That spa!!! Wow. This looks lovely.

    I think my favorite hotel in Europe has to be Pennyhill Park in Bagshot, England. Not just because that's where we got married, but it's also such a beautiful setting, has an amazing spa, and it doesn't hurt that the good looking lads of the English rugby team stay/practice there.

    V @ Life+1
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