An American in England @ Gunters Abroad

It's been a fun week here in Ely....

Monday: Spent the day getting the house ready for my Dad's visit from the States. I have been so excited to have our first visitor!!

Tuesday: It took me 3 HOURS to get to Heathrow to get my Dad...I could never live in London. It is just too busy. But hey, I got some good practice in driving and I made it time to see my Dad walk through the arrivals gate. Yay! It was so crazy to hear all of the Americans coming off the plane....

After leaving the airport, we drove out to the base to pickup Van and Van was able to give us a good tour of a C-130J which was pretty cool. I have flown on one before (well actually I hung out the back) but it is always nice to see Van in his element.

Wednesday: Dad got a great night of sleep which should set him up nice for the rest of the week. Jet lag is no joke and I'm glad he got a leg up on it! We toured Ely and the Cathedral and took naps. I also got my sweet Punkins ashes from the vet and she is now resting back at home. I cannot wait for her handmade urn to get here...I will share it when I get it.

Thursday: Took a nice run with my was my first run since April 21 and before we lost Punkins. We did pretty good and it was nice to know that I still feel good running. The rest of the day turned out to be rainy and it kinda ruined our plans for the day. But the rain stopped when Van came home and we headed to the pubs to give Dad a taste of the British pub scene. He immediately made friends and we had a blast :)

And today.... We are going to try and get a round of golf in but the rain may ruin those plans. And then later, we are taking a train to Cambridge for food and drinks and then a little ghost tour! And then it's off to Amsterdam tomorrow!!!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!



  1. Yes, London is indeed busy! Does my head in sometimes. Have a great time in Amsterdam :)

  2. So glad your dad came for a visit. Have fun in Amsterdam!

  3. oh yeah getting to heathrow is always fun haha. great photos and have fun in amsterdam!