6 Months Check Up!!!

I've been having so much fun I actually missed our six month anniversary day! March 28th marked 6 months for me in England....and Van is 3 weeks ahead of me. I took a peek back at our 3 month post and wow, what a complete 180! I think that I was actually writing that I was happier than I really was, maybe trying to cheer myself up a bit? Now that we have settled into our house and our surroundings, and the sun has started to come out more often, things are sooooo much better. It is totally true, give yourself 6 months in your new country and you will be fine :)

Things I'm Lovin'
Ely- I am just loving my town. I feel comfortable here and I feel like I am starting to feel more involved. I have been trying to run 2+ miles, at least 3x a week and I love rounding the corner and seeing the Cathedral. It makes my heart smile.
Tea/Scones- I'm even getting Van involved on this one! I am obsessed with tea time and we have a lovely spot to go to in Ely. It's called the Peacock Tea Room and I will have to post on this eventually!
British Telly- Favorite shows include: The Undateables, First Dates, Four in a Bed and, of course, Top Gear!!
Spring/Daylight- We are up to 13 hours of daylight ALREADY!! I love it, and I am loving the Spring and the gorgeous flowers that are popping up everywhere.
Golfing in England- Yeah, no big deal....we played around a castle the other day!
My new British Vocabulary- Van and I talk to each other in British accents a lot and practice our new phrases. It's quite fun :)

Things I'm still missin'
Family of Course- Miss them like crazy, but so thankful for technology. And my Dad is coming to visit in a month!! I cannot wait :)
American dining/foods- I crave things like Mexican and Panera all the time, but luckily there are amazing foods here to replace those things. We also are totally spoiled with access to the base to get all of our necessary American pantry items like Ranch and Franks :)
Being able to talk to my family in the same time zone- It's hard to coordinate chats with everyone due to the time difference, but it makes me cherish the conversations much more!

Things I'm letting go of
My car- I miss my girl and her beauty, but she can be replaced one day. I wouldn't mind a scooter though!
Being afraid of driving- I am getting much more confident. I wouldn't say totally confident, but better.
Feeling awkward- I'm definitely over the awkwardness of having a different accent. And I feel confident in my surroundings now.

While we were out for dinner in Dover this past weekend, we spoke with a couple about our time in England. Sometimes you are seated so close to other tables in restaurants here and eventually you end up chatting a bit. Anyway, I was telling them how much I loved England and am already sad about having to leave one day. The wife asked me what it was exactly that I loved so much and I said......It's the simplicity of life, the history, the beauty of the country, and the experiences we gain from living in England. She seemed satisfied with that answer :)

And speaking of returning to the states....whenever we do, mark my words.....I will NEVER, EVER return to Walmart. It will not be a possibility!!

How has it been 6 months in England already??



  1. Agreed! 6 months is ALL you need! I moved here in August of last year and feel sooo much better than I did last Fall. Everything some how just sorts itself out. Kudos to you and Van! :)

  2. Those 6 months have really flown by! x

    1. They really have...and now that things have settled down a bit, I am planning some super adventures...can't wait!!

  3. Great post Jamie. It really brought back some emotions from my time as an expat. I love how you chose to focus on positivity. It's really wonderful.

    I'm trying to start a mini Pay it Forward movement today...are you up for it? It's so simple, you can read the 3 easy steps on my blog today. But basically, just do something kind for a stranger today, and pass it on. #mypayitforward

    All the best
    V @ Life+1

    1. This is lovely!! I will try my best today :)

  4. I think its so true, I am coming up on my 6 month mark as well and I am feeling so much happier and more comfortable in my surroundings.

    1. It's almost like the expat fairy waves her magic wand and voila!! you feel better haha :)

  5. I'm a Brit and I miss Panera and my American better half misses Mexican.
    I guess to me the "Simplicity of Life" is what I thought when I was in the US... but then I didn't have my family, regular friends, a need to be somewhere by a certain time and so on.
    Can't knock the history though... we got some of that.

    1. I would die for some Panera!! That is interesting that you miss the simplicity....I guess it's all in where you live in the country...which part did you live? I live in Ely...I don't think I would feel like life was simple if I lived in London :)

  6. I get that I guess, we're in E.Mids atm. I used to live in Cambridge (have a buddy in Ely and another at Waterbeach), also in the Cotswolds, Devon, Lincolnshire and London :)