Afternoon Science Tea | Ampersand Hotel

Modern elegance with an extraordinary twist = The Ampersand Hotel Afternoon Science Tea

I was beyond thrilled to be invited to The Ampersand Hotel's seasonal Afternoon Science Tea. After reviewing the menu for the themed tea, I was so intrigued. I am not a tea expert, but this particular themed tea was unlike anything I had ever seen. A science tea? Well feast your eyes on the scenes and delicacies of the delicious and incredibly inventive Ampersand Afternoon Science Tea, created by the talented 
Head Pastry Chef Ji Sun Shin.

Melanie (from Sunny in London) and I, bonding over our shared love of Florida
The day began with a nice glass of champs, followed by 3 tiers of deliciousness. The bottom tier included a variety of sandwiches including Gloucester ham, savoury chicken, smoked salmon with cream cheese and dill and finally cheese and fruit chutney. They were all fabulous. My favorite however, was the Gloucester ham. The grainy mustard was just delicious!

And on to the next tier, which was pure heaven. The homemade white chocolate scones were absolutely delish. Served with Devonshire clotted cream and homemade strawberry preserves, they could not have been more amazing. They were baked to absolute perfection and I only wished there were a few more added to this tier! But it was time for the grand finale of the tea- the themed "science" tier.

I thoroughly appreciated the creativity that went in to creating each dessert on the themed tier. Especially the dry ice smoke effect. Such a fun touch! The desserts were so tasty and included a pistachio macaroon with cherry sauce pipette made to perfection, a raspberry swirl Saturn shaped cake (which I thought was so creative), and a perfect hazelnut, walnut and chocolate cake topped with a mango mousse volcano and chocolate dinosaur. There also was a very interesting looking beaker filled with a green citrus cocktail which actually was pretty tasty despite looking like absinthe! I cannot choose a favorite, they were all yummy. 

And last but not least, the absolutely divine Jasmine tea which made me incredibly happy. The aroma was so lovely, it made me smile with each sip.

The Ampersand Hotel Afternoon Science Tea runs through March 21st and would be such a great place to bring your girlfriends or family. It was such a fabulous setting which and very comfortable. The Drawing Rooms are so perfectly arranged and styled and feels like an escape from the busy streets. It is the perfect spot for a nice afternoon. If you are looking for an extraordinary experience during tea time, this is the place to be!

I had such a lovely time meeting some other wonderful bloggers and sharing stories of our lives around the world. Thank you Ampersand Hotel for the opportunity to experience your wonderful Afternoon Science Tea. And thank you Selena for invitation to participate :)

The Ampersand Hotel
Drawing Rooms
10 Harrington Road
020 7589 5511

The Ampersand Hotel provided the Afternoon Science Tea free of charge however, my opinions are my own.


  1. Replies
    1. They were so dreamy...I need more now!!

  2. I love how that shot of you and Melanie turned out! Beautiful girls!

    This was so much fun! Maybe all the tea rooms in London will start inviting us to review their afternoon tea...we can dream, right? ;o)

    1. Well thanks for taking it :) I had so much fun and I would definitely welcome more tea invitations....especially for more yummy scones!

  3. So bummed I couldn't go :( darn that visit to the family! Haha jk! Looks so cool!!!

    1. Next time!! It was so fun to meet everybody and not feel weird about taking 100 pics of my food :)