Zeal for Life Challenge - Three-ish Weeks In!!

Zeal for Life Challenge

UPDATE: ZEAL is now available in the UK ...Check out my new Fit for Life Blog!!

I finally gave in to my mother. She would not stop talking about this health product she was drinking and how amazing it made her feel. She sent us this huge package full of these cute little Zeal bottles that we picked up after our return from our Chamonix ski trip. I thought what the heck, I’ll try it. If I could feel just half as good as she says she feels, then I will be happy.

Van and I mixed up a Wellness drink and drank it at about 2 in the afternoon on a Saturday. Immediately I felt my eyes become more alert and I felt a surge of just feeling good. I was like, is this for real?? It was, and Van felt it too! We both were wondering where this stuff had been all of our lives!! And it wasn’t like a coffee induced energy or an energy drink type of energy. We literally just felt really good! Clarity is the only other word that comes to mind.

On the website, Zeal promotes the "Zeal for Life Challenge". After drinking one of these babies I felt like, 'yeah, give me any challenge cause I got the energy for it'. So now I have been drinking the Wellness and Protein drinks for a little over three weeks and here is my two cents on what it has done for me....

1. EXTREME Energy Boost- Let me tell you, I feel like my energy levels have increased 100%. I wake up before my alarm goes off in the mornings and roll out of bed with a pep in my step. Even if I have an entirely boring day ahead of me, I'm all pumped up for it!!

2. Motivation x10- This goes along with the energy.....I have so much motivation to get going with my day. Living in England, the dreary days can get you down and it's easy to stay curled up on the couch everyday. Not with Zeal Wellness!! I have felt more motivated than I have in a long time. My first week of drinking this was slam full of hours of exercise. I just had so much energy + motivation. I hopped up one day and ran out the door....2.5 miles later I returned feeling amazing. (I am not a runner)

3. Better 'tude'- My attitude has done a complete 180. I don't feel blah anymore. I wake up, drink my drink and have a smile on my face. I'm a happier person and a happier wife. I am so thankful for this....I was heading down a sad sad road with my stinky attitude.

4. Weight Loss- I've been carrying around a few extra pounds due to the unhealthy hotel lifestyle in the 3 months prior to our move to the UK. Well.....it's gone. In just 3 weeks. I have been working out, eating better and just feeling GOOD. I feel amazing and feel great about my body. I can only keep getting healthier and hotter :)

Ok, there is my two cents. Y'all, this stuff is da bomb. I love it and I can't wait for it to open up in the UK! If you want to try, message me and I'll send you a sample....seriously, whatever country you're in!! I've never been in a believer in stuff like this, but this is for real. LIFE.CHANGING.

Have you tried Zeal? Do you have what it takes to join the challenge?

If you would like more information, feel free to email me at jamieleighgunter@yahoo.com and check out my zeal page at www.jgunter.zealforlife.com!

UPDATE: Check out my new Fit for Life Blog!!

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