Liebster Award

Here is a little Sunday Funday reading for ya! I would like to thank Debbie at Buisson International for nominating me for the Liebster Award! This award is an award passed from blogger to blogger to share some blog love. I have never met Debbie but I think we have a ton in common! Check out her blog if you get a is amazing!

In researching this award, you will find that you must state weird facts about yourself, answer your nominators questions and then in turn nominate  other bloggers who have under 200 followers (per some websites). The numbers of how many questions, facts and nominees vary so I am choosing numbers at random.

 So, weird (random) facts about myself?? Here goes:

1. Whenever I have taken a personality test I score straight down the middle between introvert and extrovert....this can confuse me sometimes.
2. I eat Nutella straight from the jar. I do not find this to be weird or random but totally normal. 
3. I rarely wear makeup anymore. And when I do, its just eyeliner and mascara.
4. I'm actually pretty good at golf. And beat my husband on occasion :)
5. I am totally ADD and sometimes dyslexic.

Ok, that's enough with the weird randomness! 

These were my questions and Debbie did a mighty fine job coming up with these! It has taken me awhile to get this post out, but here it is. Thanks Debbie :)

My Questions
1.) What is the first website/app you usually go to when you initially get on the internet? 
I usually hop onto Yahoo and check my four million emails. I don't think it ever matters how many times you hit "unsubscribe", it never seems to be enough!!

2.) What is the biggest obstacle you have faced while traveling? 
Not feeling awkward in an unknown setting. Living and traveling in other countries besides your own can be awkward at times! I felt awkward just going out to eat at first! I usually feel a heightened awareness of being different in my surroundings. In all actuality, no one is paying attention to me ha!!

3.) In terms of behavior, were you good or bad in school?
I was VERY good until I hit high school, and then it was all downhill from there LOL! Sorry Mom and Dad! 

4.) Which would you rather play during a night out: ping-pong, darts, or pool?
Um, all three!! I love bar games :) Ping Pong is my weakest of the three and I love darts. And I am beginning to learn the rules of snooker now that we are living in the UK. 

5.) Would you rather live at the beach in the winter or in the mountains in the summer?
BEACH! I am a beach girl through and through. I grew up near the coast and would take an ocean view over the mountains in ANY season. I just love the sound of the waves. And it's not all about the warmth or the sun....I love watching a storm rolling in from way out, it's just beautiful.

6.) What song gets you in the mood to sing and dance?
Right now.."Happy" by Pharrell. I have found out that it is pretty much the perfect tempo for me while I am running too!

7.) What is the most amazing tourist attraction you have come across while traveling?
Aiguille Du Midi Lift in Chamonix, but I didn't get to ride on it unfortunately. The weather was not cooperating on the day we had available to do it. But check it out, it looks amazing!

8.) Who (a celebrity) was your biggest teenage crush?
And still is....Justin Timberlake. The End.

9.) What popular travel destination do you little desire to visit? Why?
Anywhere with a white sandy beach. I'm thinking Greece, Portugal and Spain will be on the list for a warm little getaway.

10.) What is something you have never done that you are very proud of avoiding?
This is a tough one! There are so many things I have tried to avoid and failed at :) Ok, I am stuck on this one, but thanks for getting me thinking Debbie!

11.) If you could travel back in time, at what point in your life would you go and why?
To when I was a young girl. Childhood is such a precious thing, no cares or worries. Only dreams and wondering when is the next time you can get some ice cream! 

Questions for Nominees
1. What have you missed most about living in another country?
2. What has been your most favorite travel moment?
3. What is your favorite indulgence?
4. What/Who inspires you?
5. What is your all time favorite book?
6. What would be your ultimate vacation?
7. What is your favorite blog to visit?
8. What is your favorite season?
9. Where is the perfect place to be in your favorite season?
10. What have you learned from writing a blog?
11. Link to your favorite blog post that you have written.

And my nominees? I chose these sweet expat blogs:

Check them out and follow along! Have a happy Sunday!



  1. Ah, thank you! Always lovely to make expat/bloggy friends out in the big world of the Internets. And ditto on eating Nutella straight from the jar. I am pretty sure that is exactly how it is meant to be eaten.

  2. I definitely eat Nutella straight from the jar. Sam calls it my "Nutella spoon" when I am craving a sweet treat. x

    1. My new spoon eating obsession in England is the Biscoff cookie spread (it probably says biscuit spread). Van even joins in on the spoon treats with this stuff! I think it is slowly nudging Nutella out of the top spoon treat spot :)

  3. Thank you for nominating my blog - i'm rubbish and only just saw it by my post is here

  4. Thanks for nominating my blog!!! I only just saw this today! I will definitely be posting soon :)