I Was Brave...Once

Hope you all had a wonderful Valentine's weekend!! I have been reminiscing a bit over the weekend, looking at old photos and such since the hubby was away for work. This is a little throwback to an adventure from when we were living in New Mexico from 2011-2013. Since I recently posted about my fear of flying, I wanted to share a day where I totally overcame that fear. The fear creeps back in my mind from time to time, but not on this day.

I'm just letting you know beforehand, this is possibly one of my all time favorite experiences....

See that pretty hunk of flying metal right up there? Yep, that thing pays our bills. I know a lot about it but of course had never flown on it. It's a military plane. But the beautiful chance to fly on it came along. It was a 'Military Spouse Appreciation Flight at the base and of course I was finding a way to get on it'. While I am not a military spouse currently, I once was....for six years. And honestly, our life revolves around militaries, so I didn't feel an ounce of guilt for taking advantage of this day!

Our plane was loaded up with lots of young military spouses, several were pregnant even. I was by myself, unable to talk any of my military spouse friends into accompanying me on my adventure. And husbands were not allowed. So here I am, by myself :)

Yes, I have a fear of flying. But I was so calm and relaxed about this flight for some reason. I felt confident in my military pilots. The takeoff was incredibly smooth and slow. 

We cruised along, headed towards the Sandia mountains. Fun little fact: Sandia means 'watermelon' in Spanish. Below is where the High Plains of New Mexico end.

And then came the good part. The part that I had heard might happen. The part where my fears would be tested. The pilots lowered the back ramp of the aircraft. I imagined that there would be a vacuum type effect and everything would be crazy windy inside the aircraft. I imagined people would be sucked out and there would be total chaos.....isn't that what you see in movies ?! Well, the movies are wrong, as usual. It was totally calm. 

The crew asked us ladies who wanted to go first and suited up the first two volunteers. We were equipped with a helmet, and a harness thingy that was then attached to the floor of the aircraft. Once you were hooked into the floor, it was time to walk to the edge of the ramp and take a seat...

My turn!!!

It was a little windy at the edge of the ramp, but I didn't even notice it once I sat down, my legs shaking like crazy. I looked out and soaked in the landscape. It was such a thrilling moment, sitting with my legs nearly dangling off the back of an aircraft in flight, mountains and desert below me.

 Nothing but New Mexico desert below....

These photos make me smile every time that I look at them. I enjoyed every single minute of this adventure and would do it over and over again if they would let me. I felt like I could climb a mountain afterwards. I faced a huge fear of mine and had a blast in the process. Thank you United States Air Force!! 


What fears have you overcome?


  1. I love this! However it also looks terrifying as well.... NM is looking gorgeous though! x

    1. Yep, and I've been missing ot a little while I've been binge watching Breaking Bad. Gosh I miss that sunshine!!

  2. Wow! I have the heebie jeebies just reading this post! I can't even imagine the feeling of pride you must have felt. Well don!

    1. Yeah, it was pretty intense and amazing all at the same time. I keep trying to hint to my husband that he needs to figure out a way for me to do it again ;)