New Years Eve: Cambridge Style

After asking our friends in Ely about NYE in our hometown, it seemed as though it would not be a very eventful night if we decided to spend it locally. We didn't want to travel too far either and wanted to return to our house sometime in the morning hours. So we chose Cambridge as our location for our first NYE in England.

Ely has a train station that departs to Cambridge fairly often. They even have a train that takes you to King's Cross in London if you so desire. So we took the 9:45 train down to Cambridge with a few other riders who were also getting a late start to the night.

We met a few American friends at All Bar One, and we knew we had chosen wisely. They had a sweet band playing what they called "jazz" but I actually don't remember any jazz. Maybe that's what they started out playing but eventually they were playing tunes like "Living on a Prayer" and "Sweet Home Alabama". What?! I could not believe my Alabama ears...was I really hearing my home state song, in England, on New Years?!

The crowd, as usual, was very diverse. I love meeting people from all over the world. They always feel the need to explain where their country is to us since we are American. Come on people, study your maps! Our reputation is not the best haha!!

The night was great and we received a little bit of special treatment since we knew an employee. 

All Bar One closed at 2 AM, but since we were friends of employees, we stayed after the doors were closed. We worked off our Champagne by helping clean up while listening to some good music. It was a blast :)

Overall, we had such a great first English NYE! We wish everyone a wonderful start to 2014!! 


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