My First Travel Moment

Today I'm linking up with Selena at Oh, the places we will go! to share a travel moment of mine. I think a "travel moment" can be described as a point in your journey where you just get that feeling, that feeling that you are experiencing a moment that you only could have dreamed about. A moment where you just take a step back and you feel your heart jump for joy inside. You might even gasp or sigh. It is a feeling that keeps taking my breath away on our adventures.

This moment was an unexpected one on my flight to London from Dallas. To give you some back story, I had been waiting in Dallas for 3 weeks for my visa to arrive. My husband had already been living in England for 3 weeks and I was ready to go. You can read more about that here if you would like. 

I was nervous about the 9.5 hour flight, by myself, and I was sad about leaving my mom's house. I knew what lied ahead was amazing but my heart still hurt. We had a tearful goodbye and my tears continued all the way to the plane. I even cried as we took off into the night as I watched America slip away. I settled in on the plane with a movie, took a sleeping pill and drifted off. 

I woke up a little confused about where I was and realized we were still flying. I quickly raised the window and realized that the sun was just beginning to rise. I couldn't quite make out what we were flying over...

I just kept snapping pictures. The color of the horizon was so soothing and put me at ease.

Then as the sun started to rise higher, the landscape unfolded beneath us. I looked up to the flight monitor and realized we were flying over Greenland. It was all too much for my little heart. The sunrise, the snow capped mountains, the colors!

It was an absolutely amazing way to wake up. And considering the state I was in at take-off, this little travel moment turned my tears into utter joy. This adventure was just beginning and I had to put my tears behind me. I will never forget the way my heart felt as I experienced my first travel moment :)

Do you have a travel moment to share?


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  1. I love this. It brought tears to my eyes. Don't you just love that feeling? It makes you feel alive. So glad that you linked up. Thanks so much! xoxo

    1. Yes I just love the feeling. Sometimes, I am surprised at the moments that give me that feeling!

  2. I seriously love this, and can completely relate! I was so nervous and sad about leaving the states, but there is something magical about watching where you are on the flight tracker, and watching the sun rise 7 hours earlier than normal. Love your blog!