London's South Bank

For the Thanksgiving holiday,  Van and I booked a hotel in Watford for two nights. As mentioned in the Harry Potter post, we had two goals of the trip; for Van to ride a T-bar lift and for me to go to the Harry Potter tour, so Watford was the perfect spot to stay. Watford is about 20 miles northwest of London but can be easily reached by train. While researching the area, we also found that they had a TopGolf, which we absolutely love in the States. It actually has been a place where we have had fun with family during Thanksgiving holidays in the States!

After we reached our goals on Thursday, we ventured out into Watford for some dinner and it actually turned out to be a neat town. I haven't been to a mall in a few months and they had a pretty large one! Or maybe it just seemed big...I feel like I'm actually getting used to not living the super-sized American life! And get this, they had a Costco and a Walmart! What?!?

After our night in Watford, we decided to venture down to London for the day on Friday. This would be our first experience on the train and tube. On the train, everything seemed to be going fine until we came to a complete stop in a tunnel. The train operator came over the loudspeaker and said that he was being forced to stop due to a problem at the Euston station platform. We never knew we were claustrophobic until this train ride! Good gracious it felt like we were stopped forever. So what should have been a short little ride turned into about 45 minutes. Anyway, we made it to the underground station and it was so much smoother. We arrived at the Waterloo station and walked on over to the Thames River.

The London Eye

I was super pumped to ride the London Eye. It was way bigger than I expected and we had decent enough weather so I was ready to get a million pictures. However, my excitement started to slip a little when I noticed how stiff the wind was. We boarded the little pod with about 10 other people and started heading up. Each time the wheel stopped, I got a little more dizzy. And once we reached the top, I was not able to stand haha! Van ended up taking a lot of the photos below but my vertigo did subside on the way down and I was able to enjoy the view of Big Ben on the way down.

Boarding the pod
The pod behind us
On the way down....

South Bank

We were able to book an additional attraction with our London Eye tickets for a discounted rate, so Van chose The London Dungeon attraction. I was a little skeptical at first but went along with it. I ended up REALLY enjoying it!! The dungeon was explained to us as basically a haunted house set back in the 17th century. The characters were amazing in the dungeon and it was so dark and scary. I screamed many a times during the whole thing. If you get a good rate on this attraction, it is worth doing! I think it took us almost 2 hours to get through the whole dungeon and I walked out with a big smile :)

Afterwards, it was time for a pint!

The County Hall Arms, next to the London Eye
Van happy about his beautiful pint
Walking over the Thames
Big Ben
For an impromptu trip to London for a day, we had a great time. We are going back this Saturday, HOWEVER, our Auburn Tigers have made it to the SEC Championship (after an amazing Iron Bowl Victory) so we may just be sitting in our hotel watching the Tigers. We are hardcore.....War Eagle!


  1. I didn't know Watford had a Walmart!! It's funny the things you miss after you move away from home. :o) Walmart used to be the LAST place I wanted to go! Ha!

    I'd really like to take my daughter to the Harry Potter Studio Tour. I hear it's really neat at Christmas. Did you like it?

    1. I couldn't believe seeing Walmart!! It was part ASDA, part Walmart...weird. Anyway, I really enjoyed the Harry Potter tour. They had the Great Hall decorated for Christmas and also Hogwarts was covered in snow. It was beautiful. However, it was a bit pricey (I thought). I think I paid around £39 for the adult ticket, audio guide and guide book. Still, I think it is a must see :)

  2. [Hmmm I thought I posted a comment yesterday, but don't see it :( ]
    Check out Bodean's while you're in London. They should be showing the football game... it's one of few places that shows American football. It gets pretty packed but they have a few locations around London so you should be able to find one near you. If you would like some other London recommendations, don't hesitate to email me buissonfamilyblog at gmail dot com Have a great time!!

    1. You know, I've had other people tell me their comments didn't show either! I have no idea :( But yes, I saw Bodeans and that may be an option for us...we definitely will be front and center somewhere :) Thanks for the help, I may bug you for our next trip down!