A little tour of Ely and some sunshine

They say that the UK is enchanting and I'm here to tell you that "they" are right. Our little town of Ely is no exception. Before visiting for the first time, I had not researched the town at all which is a bit odd for me. So when we drove into town and BOOM there was the Cathedral, my heart fluttered and the enchantment took me over, full force. Another one of those "travel moments" that make your heart skip a beat.

So today, I am taking you on a little mini tour of our town. Today was absolutely gorgeous, not a cloud in the sky. And when you live in the UK, you know those days are far a few between (if you haven't noticed from photos in my posts).

The road towards the town center, Ely Cathedral in the distance
Cherry Hill Park and surrounding areas.....

The Cathedral deserves its own post, that will come later...

 Enchanting right?

Jubilee Gardens
Rivers and marinas around Ely.... 

Enchantment again :)

Trails where the puppies walk, and yes my shadow is standing tall and proud today. It doesn't get to be seen very often!
 And that brings us back to our little corner of Ely. It's so nice to have days like today where you can soak in some Vitamin D. Hope you enjoyed the mini Ely tour, it was a beautiful sight today!



  1. Jamie, these pictures are STUNNING! After reading your post, I researched Ely to discover where it is in England. This was really fun to read and certainly shows what a fabulous opportunity you have living there. And I do believe there's SUN in LONDON and the UK ;-)

    1. Thanks! Ely is definitely a neat little town! The Cathedral takes my breath away every time I walk past it!

  2. How lucky are you to call this place home!! I can imagine you spend a lot of time just strolling around and taking in the quiet beauty. I know I would C:

    the worldling blog

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