Our little family is finally complete in the UK! Thanks to my angel of a mother, my babies hopped onto a Lufthansa flight on Friday and headed this way. Back at the beginning of August, we were given word that Van would be leaving for the UK sooner than expected and we needed a place for our animals to stay until the weather was cool enough for my snub nosed animals were allowed to fly. My mom and brother accepted the pets into there home (which they had JUST moved into) and have been taking care of them since August 1st. We will be forever grateful for the love that was given to our babies!

I know my mom was getting anxious about the big travel day. The animals flight out of Dallas left at 4pm, but the airlines required that they be dropped off at noon, in their crates. Bruno and Punkins are deathly afraid of their crates and I knew it would be a large task to get them dropped off. But Mom managed and used her superwoman strength to get them on their way.

The flight left at 4:00pm and arrived in Frankfurt at the Lufthansa Animal Lounge. Now this video below is in German, but as you can see, the Animal Lounge is the real deal!! I felt fully at ease knowing that the pets would be taken care of after their 9 hour flight (+3 hours in their crate).

The pets were scheduled to be in the Animal Lounge from 9am-4pm local time, and then arrive at London Heathrow at 5:00pm local time. Since we have been in England, Van has been blessed to have a company provided rental car for 2 months. We were lucky to have had the rental car and our BMW to go and pick the animals up. Their crates were massive, and expensive, and it was worth it to drive 2 vehicles so they would all fit comfortably. So we got the cars ready and headed to London to pick them up from the Heathrow Animal Reception Centre (HARC)!

We arrived at around 7:30 as we were told it would take about 3 hours for customs to complete their documentation once the pets arrived. This takes so long because they allow time for the pets to settle into their holding areas before they are examined by a vet. However, once we arrived, they said they were ready to go and we waited about 10 minutes before they brought my 3 babies out to us. 

When we made it home, we got their beds and food ready and got them settled in for the night. I knew that they would be exhausted and boy was I right. Punkins was the happiest I have ever seen her! I honestly think that she thinks that I rescued her :) She is so happy in our new house and LOVES the stairs. She is able to peer over from the railing and I believe she thinks she rules the upstairs!

The boys are getting used to not being so spoiled (thanks Mom lol). They have a cosy room in our sunroom and although they aren't getting to sleep in a human's bed any more, I think they are quite happy! You be the judge.....

Our neighborhood has the most amazing dog trails and they have been so excited to go for their walks.....lots of new smells, new dog accents ;) and new landscape. I think they will fit in just fine. All in all, it was definitely a long and expensive process but I am so happy to have them all here! 


  1. So glad to see your family unit back together. It brought a tear of joy to my eyes. So happy for ya'll!! Love and miss you!!

  2. OHHH wow what beautiful country side. And the photo of those two precious dogs. The are absolutely in Doggie Heaven at home with their Mummy and Dada!!!!!!!
    When I get over there I want to go to Nice. Ya know the tapestry hanging in my upstairs bedroom of the lady in red standing at a window peering out at (obviously what you actually saw ;>) )? Well that is suppose to be
    in Nice. Ive always had a special attachment to that tapestry. Now I know why!!!!!!!!!!!! All the beauty she was seeing through eyes for me.
    What a great photographer you are and descriptive writer. I just KNOW you will think about what I said you should do. I'm not sure exactly how this "BLOG" thing works. You know me. But give me time,. I'm trying!! My teachers ( well the ONE that thought I was special) LOL. always gave me A's for effort!!!!!

    Well. my sweet child, guess I will go for now. How wonderful it was visiting with you yesterday. Now that I've SEEN you and had to opportunity of traveling through the country with you I don't feel so distanced.
    I love you and look forward to more adventures being shared.

    God Speed and give Van a hug and kiss. . .

    1. Love you! Oh, I meant to tell you, you can sign up for email updates up on the right hand side of the blog and it will update you every time I post!