Here comes 30....

Well, this week is finally here. The last week of my twenties. The big day is Saturday and I still have yet to make plans. I think it may be a bit of subconscious denial but one thing is for sure- it will be amazing no matter what because I will spend my first day of my new decade in England! I couldn't feel more blessed to be able to live abroad and to celebrate a milestone in the process.

I think that some people could get down and think about not having their family and friends surrounding them on such a big birthday. I'm not going to lie, I do wish my parents could be here and it would be nice to have a big party but I wouldn't trade this experience for anything. Celebrating with Van will be just as nice!

So 30, its here. Am I where I imagined I would be at 30? I think so, not in all aspects but for the most part I don't feel like there is anything I have missed out on. I'm married to a hardworking man, no kids yet, have an education, have held some amazing job positions, and lived all over and now in England. I still struggle with eating healthy and exercising but luckily my metabolism hasn't slowed too terribly (thanks mom and dad!) Also, getting mistaken for a 22-25 year old doesn't hurt! I am a major procrastinator and I hope that my thirties (yikes) will bring a little bit of change...maybe I'll grow up a bit :) We will see. I do plan on loving more and worrying less...taking each day in and giving thanks for another day.

So here's to my thirties! Travelling, taking photos and experiencing life in another land. I thank God everyday for this blessing. I'm vowing to myself to try and take in my 30's much more slowly and cherish every amazing moment!




  1. Happy Birthday!! Here's to your 30's :D

  2. Happy birthday, Jamie!! I also turned 30 after we moved over here, too. In some ways, I think it made the 20's to 30's transition easier. I was able to focus less on what I was leaving behind and more on the future because I was just so darn excited for it! I doubt you'll have any problem doing the same! :o)

    1. Absolutely Sarah! I never imagined I would be turning 30 in England....such a unique experience!