Beautiful Bath, England

Ahhh Bath. What a beautiful city! The drive into Bath was absolutely breathtaking with the rolling hills of English countryside. I took so many pictures and have tried to narrow them down a bit for you. All in all, it was a fabulous trip and we definitely will be returning!

Where We Stayed:
102 Sydney Place-
I found this little gem on Tripadvisor! Most of the popular hotels and B&Bs were booked up for the weekend and I really was looking for a reasonably priced place to stay. I stumbled across this vacation rental and it turned out to be absolutely perfect! Perfect price and perfect location. The row of flats was built in 1804-1805 and the architecture was stunning, as was the entire city. This apartment would not be suitable for a family with children due to the amount of breakable items but perfect for a couple. We were given a warm welcome by the host and felt completely at home. It was just a 1/2 mile walk into the city by way of Great Pulteney Street and we crossed the Pulteney Bridge every morning! I cannot wait to stay here again.

Living and Dining area
Gorgeous fireplace with shell topped mantle
Bedroom filled with incredible books
What We Did:
Roman Baths-
Wow. What an amazing historical site. The Romans began construction of the Baths sometime around 60-70AD. The natural springs under the site supply the baths with the warm bubbly waters. The site itself is incredibly beautiful and we were lucky enough to experience it in good weather.

View entering the terrace
On the terrace, Bath Abbey in the background
Gorgon's head
Recovered artifact
Ground view of the baths
Bathing room

Komedia Comedy Club-
Saturday night we decided we could use a laugh. We ate an amazing dinner at Cote but we finished early so we decided to try out a British comedy club. We arrived early and thank goodness we did because it turned out to be THE spot in Bath that night. The show was hilarious and we were happy we went. We made friends with some girls who were there for a hen party, and one of them was from Georgia!! It is such a small world and we realize it so often living in England. Taylor, if you read this let me know!

Pulteney Bridge/River Gardens:

View from our apartment
Great Pulteney Street

Gardens around the river, Bath Abbey in the background

River Avon
This picture was meant to be funny, as Van's "world traveller" pose by the flowers. But really, it turned out to be a good picture of him :)

Pulteney Bridge lit up at night
Bath Abbey-
Bath Abbey's construction began around 1499 and was actual built on top of an older Norman church. The structure itself is breathtaking and the inside was just as awe inspiring. The abbey was almost 100% safe from the German Blitz except for one wall of stained glass windows. I call that a miracle!
Ceiling in the Abbey
Entombed Bishop
52 scenes of Jesus' life
Beautiful view
Private chapel
Abbey courtyard

Armistice Day-
Our last day in Bath happened to be Armistice Day, which is Veteran's Day for Americans. We were able to participate in the prayer and moment on silence outside of Bath Abbey. It was incredibly moving to say the least. Before staying in Bath, Van and I never really realized the extent of damage England endured during the German Blitz. Bath was hit during the bombings and lost over 400 people in their town.

Red poppies for Armistice Day, like our yellow ribbons in the US
Moment of silence
Where We Ate:
Amazing French restaurant with impeccable service, great atmosphere and possibly the best value in Bath. We enjoyed 2 drinks a piece-wine and beer, 2 starters-mussels and king prawns, 2 main courses-Roast Lamb and Sea Bass, and a dessert for £75. If you are looking for a nice date night, this is the place to go!

Roman Bath Kitchen-
Went here for lunch and it was very yummy and reasonably priced. Good soups and burgers.

Le Parisien-
Has the most amazing Chai Tea Latte!!

Yak Yeti Yak-
Nepalese restaurant that was super yummy. If you have never eaten Nepalese, try it! At least once!

Cafe Au Lait-
Yummy little cafe right on the Pulteney Bridge.

And that's Bath! Super long post, I know, but it was such an amazing trip and it all needed to be shared.



  1. Hi Jamie! We had our hangover breakfast at Wild Cafe, who made most excellent pancakes, though they did not seem impressed with the state of the poor, battered hen party. Definitely want to go back and take Doug for a nice couples city break like you two, though.

  2. Taylor! So glad to hear from you! Let me know if you go back....we may meet you there :)