UK First Impressions

All packed up and ready to leave for the UK!!

September 27th was my last night in the States. Although my mom was not ready for me to leave, it was time to take to the skies. My visa arrived around noon that Saturday and Van booked my flight as soon as he knew I had the passport in my hands. My flight was scheduled for 9:25pm out of DFW scheduled to arrive around noon on Saturday, Sept 28 in London. It was a very bittersweet departure but thanks to my mom and some of her friends I had a very rich send off! Maria cooked some amazing Cuban food and I had a very happy belly :)

Chicken Empanadas cooking...yum!!

Chicken Empanadas

Shrimp risotto, Salmon pie and chicken empanadas....Delish!

After my feast, we left for the airport and I was on my way. I slept for about 4 hours of the 9 hour flight. It was not comfortable, certainly not what Van experienced in First Class on his flight! But I made it in one sleepy piece. The most amazing part was waking up to the sun rising over Greenland. It absolutely took my breath away and I couldn't stop smiling after that point.

I did catch a glimpse of Windsor Castle before we landed in London....

Van picked me up at the airport and I was a little delirious from the jet lag. And hopping on to the very fast paced, backwards interstate was very confusing to my brain! It was pretty comical but exhausting at the same time. I kept trying to put the car in park every time we pulled up to a store, just out of habit sitting in the left seat (if that makes sense).

What does this mean?!?!?!?

Backwards car.....slowly getting used to it!

Our first stop was Newmarket which is where we are trying to find a house to rent. Van took me for my first UK meal. Take a wild guess at what it was.......yep, Fish and Chips! And it was delicious!!

Stella tastes even better here!
So the first few days have been a little exhausting...jet lag is no joke! But, I already love it here in England. The countryside, towns and villages are so enchanting. I find myself giggling with happiness when I hear the Brits talk or when I see something beautiful. We have already viewed some properties to "let" and our agent Will was every bit the Brit. So friendly, dressed very stylishly and of course had a lovely accent. Our goal this week is to secure a house, hopefully in Newmarket but other towns will do. Van started back to work this evening and I am settling in to lodging on RAF Mildenhall. The base is absolutely gorgeous. I feel like I am on a WWII movie set with the beautiful brick buildings and gorgeous tall green hedges everywhere!! The weather is very crisp and starting to get colder. Hopefully our winter clothes will arrive before it gets too chilly!!

Cheerio for now!

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